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Sears, G.E., Lindsay, North Star, Ecowater
1" or "High Flow" Family of Valves

Troubleshooting Guide

Several "Brands" are manufactured by the same company.
We are an independent North Star service center and have the parts listed below in stock.

If not listed, Email us your part number and we may be able to secure other North Star parts for you.

Our parts numbers are the same as Sears Kenmore, and are also compatible for the General Electric Models GXSH39E, GXSH39E02, and GNSH45E
and Whirlpool WHES40, WHES44, WHES48
North Star Models = NSC30UD1, NSC40UD1, NST45UD1 & NST70UD1
Company logos and product pictures are Registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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