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What type of valve do I have? ( Don't let the "Name" fool you! )

There may be a thousand "brands" of water softeners, but there are only a few types of control valves being used to assemble the systems.
If there is NO NAME on the control Valve, it is most likely a Fleck or an Autotrol control valve.

We have parts and diagrams for these on the website. Also the less common Erie Control valve, and the increasing popular Sears ( Kenmore ), GE Smart Water,Whirlpool, North Star ( all made by Ecowater ).

A few types use proprietary valves and parts to force you to return to your original dealer. Examples of these proprietary systems are Culligan, Kinetico, Cuno, Water Boss, etc.

Not sure? Just e-mail us and send photos inserted or attached.
Autotrol 155 ( 1550TC ) valve side view
Autotrol 163 or 168 Valve side view
Autotrol 1550-TC valve side view

1984-1995 Autotrol 155 Side View w/ By Pass

Older Autotrol 163 or 168 with 440 Timer Assembly

1971-1983 Autotrol 155 ( 1550TC ) Side View with By Pass Option

Fleck 5600 Econominder

Fleck 5600 12 Day

Fleck 5600 "L" Style Version
Clack WS1 5 button Valve
Clack WS1 metered
Tectonic Metered Valve Front
Tectonic Metered Valve
Fleck 3600
Fleck 3600

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