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Iron Filter Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 basic types of "Iron Filters".

1 ) BIRM - This media is back washed only. No regenerant used. Requires oxygen to be in the water. Will not work in most areas. Consult local "experts".

2 ) MGS ( Green Sand ), Greensand Plus, or MTM ( synthetic version no longer used ), regenerated by Potassium Permanganate from a 5 gallon Feeder Tank ( looks like mini salt tank ). The Potassium Permanganate can be added at any time, in any amount. The system will dissolve a few ounces at a time. The system is similar to the Brine system of a water softener in that it draws out the solution and puts water back in at the end of regeneration cycle for the next time.

3 ) Same as above, but with a draw only Valve ( usually a modified Autotrol ) that is connected to a 30 gallon tank ( like a salt tank ). The tank is normally filled with a purple liquid that is made by adding 3 lbs. of Potassium Permanganate and water. The Valve will draw approximately 1'" ( or one gallon ) of solution each night it regenerates.

Questions and Answers:

I have a tank fill with some nasty looking liquid. The tank is as big as my brine tank. It has a small hose that goes to one of my conditioner tanks while the brine tank has a hose that goes to the other conditioner tank.

I am going to guess the "nasty" liquid is water mixed with Potassium Permanganate. The tank must be connected to a "Greensand" tank ( used to help remove Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Odor ). The valve should pull out about 1" of the "nasty" ( purple ) liquid each night it regenerates. When the tanks is almost empty, 3 lbs. of Potassium Permanganate should be added, then the tank filled with water. Don't let the Potassium Permanganate get on you or your clothes. It turns things Brown. <>

I also have Potassium Manganate and TReg, but don't know where and how much to add.

* I explained the Potassium Permanganate, but I'm not sure what "TReg" is??? May be something that is added to the salt to help clean the resin ( like Iron Out, or ResUp ).
The water softener will take out Iron ( like the Greensand Filter ), but high levels ( over 2 ppm ) require that cleaner be used with the Salt.

Note: The Iron Filter is High maintenance.
The Injectors get clogged and need to be frequently cleaned,

replaced ( either a Red "C" Injector or Green "D" injector is used on Autotrol Valves, which I am assuming you have ).
Fleck models normally use the # 2 PVC gray Injector Set ( Nozzle & Throat )
Also, on Fleck 5600 valves, be sure to make sure the "air disperser" is not clogged.. it's in the valve body, behind the Injector Drain Module.

EMAIL = Subject: fleck 5600 as an iron filter
I recently installed a Fleck 5600 from you set up for a green sand filter. Within 3 months the injector, brine valve and valve ports were plugged from Iron fouling. I cleaned them with a mild acid solution and got them relatively back to new. I am unable to draw adequate vacuum when regenerating. I need to order new parts but am wondering if there are any tips you may have to avoid the frequent cleaning/replacement of the parts. My source well has an Iron content of 2.5 PPM of Iron. and is set up to regenerate 2x per weak. Thank you, Chris

** Very typical because of the iron and organics we have in Florida water.
When I use to service these type units in Okeechobee area, it was common to have to clean or replace injector sets every 3 - 6 months.

The replacement Injector for the Fleck 5600 or 2510 is the # 2 PVC,
Injector Nozzle and Throat Sets Fleck Valves

*** Other things you could do:

1 ) Clean ( dump ) the old Potassium Permanganate out and start "fresh". A lot of oxidized iron builds up in the "feeder" tanks over time.
Tank Feeder for Potassium
Pad Felt Pad for standard Potassium Feeder = N1043

2 ) Use "technical" grade Potassium Permanganate, and not "free flow" , IF available in your area.
It cost more, but is less likely to clog valve. And we currently do NOT sell any potassium permanganate.

3 ) Do not use the Greensand Filter, if it's just for Iron Removal.
A water softener can remove the 2.5 ppm iron.
But if this unit is also used to remove any hydrogen sulfide odor, you would need more than just a water softener.
System Recommendations
Odor - Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide) in your water

4 ) I'd be careful using acid, as it can make the injectors brittle and fail ( I know from personally destroying injectors soaked in STRONG acid solution ).

5 ) Also... how old is the Media? Typically "life" in Florida is 5 years ( I've seen 2 years - 10 years, depending on the application ).
It could be the media in the tank is "loaded up" with too much oxidized iron that it has not been able to "flush out" during Backwash cycles.
Greensand PLUS Replacement

Newer Media that can replace either BIRM or Greensand Plus is KATALOX LIGHT.

*** Katalox Light has been on the market for several years. We ADDED this product to the website in summer of 2015.
It is more expensive than the Greensand and BIRM it can replace, but does have better "claims".
I was slow to ADD to the website, because in my 25 years, I've seen other "Wonder" products come and go in the Water Treatment Industry, and wanted to wait until it had been used in "real world" applications ( and I could get "feedback" from dealers & customers as to it's Long Term viability in various applications ).
We have sold several "systems" with this media, and I have decided it would be "safe" for us to offer to people who might be thinking of switching it out in place of their old BIRM or Greensand media.
In those applications / systems, it should work much better ( based on the product manufacturer's claims ).
I would recommend it, if the extra cost is not a problem for you.
Katalox_Light media...

For more information about removing IRON -
SEE = Do I need an Iron Filter?

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