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You can replace your Rainsoft Water Conditioner Valve with a Fleck 5600 ( either a 12 Day or Econominder version )
or new economical Hankscraft version of this design.

and not the newer plastic body valve ( since around 2001 ),

You would also need:
( 1 ) A new Brine Pickup Tube with Air Check ( our part # FP60002 )
( 2 ) And one 3/8"c x 3/8"c Elbow ( # 58506NO ),
( 3 ) A few feet of 3/8" brine tubing ( # 50PE38BLK ).
These accessories are listed below the Valves, as related products.

THEN you must select a "connection" for the Valve.
Either a low cost plastic piping yoke ( 3/4" or 1" male piping threaded ends ) or stainless steel By Pass ( 3/4" or 1" female piping threaded ).
( CAN BE SELECTED when Valve is added to the Cart... selecting your Tank diameter and "Piping Options" choice )
** One or the other must be included, as the Fleck 5600 valve can not be connected to the plumbing without a Yoke OR a matching Bypass valve.
( unless you have newer ( 2001 or later ) Rainsoft.. see below ).

NOTE: Newer plastic body Rainsoft Valves already have a Fleck ByPass ( usually the plastic 60049 ) and a Yoke ( either Brass female or plastic male 3/4" or 1" ) that can be re-used with the replacement Fleck 5600 valve or one of the Hankscraft valves listed below as Related Products.

So you will NOT need to purchase any accessories,
but only purchase the new 5600 Valve
and re-use your current By Pass / Yoke AND 3/8" brine tubing coming from your existing salt tank.

In all cases you will need to tell us your Tank Diameter ( typically 7, 8, 9, or 10 inches ).
This would be the ID, so whatever your OD is, just round down to nearest whole number.
Tank Diameter - How To Measure and Why

56mFleck 5600 Econominder Softener Valve,


HS-SMM - Metered Softener Valve,

A Metered Demand Control is our recommendation.

Or if you are on a budget, the simple 12 day timer on the Basic 5600 Valve or HS-STC will work well too.

We also have a Backwashing Only version of the Fleck 5600 for special non-softener applications.View Details
Or Hankscraft  Digital Version for Backwash

We include at no extra charge, a new distributor kit. This is part # MD1236 . It is a plastic lower screen which can be cemented to a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe to construct a new distributor tube. Your old distributor could be slightly smaller than the ones now used by both Fleck and Autotrol ( old size 13/16" , new size 1.05" outer diameter ).
Most Rainsoft Valves use the 1.05" tube in the resin tank, and as long as it is within 1/2" of the top of the tank, you will not need to change the distributor pipe.
We also include a 1.05 Top Distributor Twist On - part # MD1203 at no charge. This top distributor just prevents resins from getting flushed up into the control valve and out the drain. It is not needed on most systems, but it provides simple and low cost protection.

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