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Manufacturer Guide for 460i and 460TC Operation

Click here to learn how to
RESET 460 Timer if it is Regenerating EVERY NIGHT

Turbine / Sensor Testing Video By Manufacturer,

Old 460 NR ( NovRam ) explanation - programming video = https://youtu.be/g0BluFIU91E

Video showing basic removal of the 460i timer = https://youtu.be/2ycnBAmPaBw

Video showing how to set the Time of Day = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6DpdhGgry0

For help with INTERNAL Gears and to see Difference between NovRam, 460i and the new 460TC
see: Gears, Housing, Motor Inside the 460i and 460TC timers - What is the difference?

* Below - Troubleshooting Guide,
Click twice on each of the 3 pages, individually, to Enlarge and then Print
Water Meter Check
Trouble Shooting
More Trouble Shooting

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