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Rebuilding the Fleck 5600,
Stuck Valve

It is very common for the main and brine pistons of the Fleck 5600 to need replacement after 5 - 10 years of use. The valve will get stuck trying to complete a regeneration cycle. Very often this occurs at the beginning of the "brine rinse" cycle. The timer motor may stop at this point also. The motors are made to stop instead of forcing the valve ( which would result in gear damage ).

The solution is to replace the main piston ( # 60102-00 for water softeners ) and the brine valve piston assembly ( # 60032 ). If the valve is on a chlorinated water source or over 10 years old, it is recommended to replace the main piston seals ( # 60125 ) at the same time.
** The Piston and Seals are parts that NEED to be changed very 5 - 10 years ( on average ).
BAD water ( high in Iron and Hardness ) can require changing every 1 - 2 years.
GOOD water ( little or no iron, and Hardness under 15 grains ) can last beyond 10 years before needing to be changed.
On rare occasions the timer motor may also need to be replaced. But try the pistons replacement first, this usually does the trick.
( Pistons & Seals Set = 60102-00, 60125, 60032 as part # 56PSkit )

Replacing the Main & Brine Valve Pistons and Seals is easy.

  1. Put valve on By Pass, or turn water off

  2. Manually put the valve in "backwash" to relief pressure

  3. Remove the screw in the center of the main piston and the 2 on either side of it

  4. Slide the Power head forward and up to remove

  5. Remove the 3 screws holding the metal plate to the valve body

  6. Pull out both piston assemblies and the main piston seals & spacers.

  7. Put new seals & spacers in place ( there is no top or bottom side, so either way is fine ) and insert new piston assembly.

  8. Reassemble ( reverse of steps 1 - 5 ). No special alignment is required.
    NOTE: The metal plate will stick up about 1/4" and you will need to put in the 3 screws to tighten the plate down, and compress the Seals, until it's flush with the valve body.
    This is normal.
    ALSO: Never add lubricant. The Teflon and the Water are the only "lubricant" used in this area.

    Adding lubricant will only result in everything being "tighter" then it needs to be, and the lubricant will "trap" fine sediments from the water, that will add "friction" that results in "sticking" and wear of the Teflon coating and the Seals.

NOTE: It is much easier to replace the brine valve piston assembly this way, then how the service manual explains it ( Service Instructions # A. ). Also, you can replace the o-rings on the Injector Drain Module, as the manual recommends. We do sell them all, if you need them ( 13303, 13302, (2) 13301, 12683 ) individually OR order as a SET part # 56IDMO .

NOTE: FAQ article on Why the Timer motor is not part of the Rebuild Kit.

NOTE: 3456PSKIT will not work to rebuild the digital Fleck valves ( such as 5600 SE, SXT, 6600, 6700 or Proflo )


Fleck 5600 Rebuild Video - Replacing Pistons and Seals Kit

And other less common reasons that it might be "binding" , or still getting stuck after replacing the Piston and Seals.
Still Getting Stuck after Rebuild

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