Please tell us about the quality of the water to be treated.

What is the hardness level of your water before any filters ( grains per gallon or ppm )?
What is the iron level ( if any ) of your water before any filters ( ppm = Parts Per Million )?
What is the pH level of your water from the source ( before any filters )?

See more about TESTING.

How many people use the water in your home?

What is the water "source" ( a private Well, or "city' water piped to your home )?

If this is "well water", and you have ODOR ( hydrogen sulfide ) issues,
we will need a specific ppm test result ( one done at the well with professional test kit ),
before we can recommend size or type of equipment needed.

Also... provide us with,
Size of any existing equipment ( Tank Diameter and Height )?
How to measure Tank Diameter ( and why it's important ).

Photos of existing equipment are often helpful too.
Please send views of equipment from front and rear, and remove covers before taking photos.

** Once we have this information we can usually give you specific recommendations of the type and size of system you need.
And in many cases, we can recommend how to make the existing equipment work better ( to do the job of treating the water ).

For Additional Information on a NEW System - see: Water Softener ( Conditioner ) Sizing - System Recommendations
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