is a BBB Accredited Water Conditioning Equipment Store in Englewood, FL
Read what some of our customers shared with us:

It gives me great pleasure to write this review for this amazing company. 
I have been dealing with them since before 2012. 
I have purchased 5 water conditioning systems for the different members of my family and myself.
The quality of the product is second to none. 
But that's not the important thing. 
Many people design and sell good products whether manufactured by them personally or as a reseller.
The important thing is the service.
I was reading the reviews online, and one of the reviews struck me. 
It was a person complaining about not having a phone number to call for support. 
They do have a number and it is listed on the website.
But, it's not a necessary thing. 
Every time I have emailed them I have received an extremely complete and understandable response to any question that I've had. 
The last question I sent in was a problem with programming, on the 4th of July holiday 2021. 
I sent it in and said they'll get back to me by Tuesday. I was very wrong. Within an hour on a holiday they responded to me.
Not only did they respond so quickly, but they made the instruction so simple to follow that any layman would have no problem.
Also in the manner they respond they are so professional and so courteous.
This company goes out of its way no matter what you order or what you spend large or small they treat the customer with respect and the importance the customer deserves.
This company's customer service should be the benchmark set forth for every company out there.
I have always brought my children up with a particular saying.“The true definition of character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking”.
This company represents this quote in an exemplary manner. 
I would recommend purchasing from this company anything you need as far as water treatment. 
They are sensational! 
Gregory B
Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563


Just wanted to let you know that I installed the circuit board you sent back to me and everything seems to be working now.
I can't thank you enough for the help and encouragement you gave me in solving this problem.
Out of maybe eight companies I contacted about this problem, you were the only one who took an interest and really tried to help me.
You were very detailed and willing to explain things to someone who had very limited knowledge about water softeners and pre-sediment filters.
I will highly recommend you and your company to my friends and anyone who needs water softener parts of trouble shooting.
You were an answer to prayer.
If you want to use this in a customer comment section of your website, feel free to do so.

Thank you so much.
Steven H.
Order SP-222104


A NOTE OF PRAISE for you all and your business (reference my Order # 156169)...

Our water conditioner was purchased and installed 33 years ago. It had the old model 155 Control Module. Over the years, the Control Module started showing it's age: the spinner arm broke off; valves stopped working properly; and the Control Module developed outside leaks.

So, for a LONG time, I had to manually start the conditioner's regeneration cycle myself, since the spinner arm had broken off.

Also, after starting the regeneration cycle, I had to set a timer for 35 minutes to remind me to return to the conditioner in order to use my fingers to securely close valve flappers #2 and #3 because they had stopped closing completely by themselves, allowing water to start filling up the brine tank when it shouldn't be.

This had gone on for a very long time, because, years ago, I had given up the idea of looking for replacement parts because the company which sold the conditioner had gone out of business years before then.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I knew that something had to be done when I also discovered that the water from the leaky Control Module had been making it's way into the brine tank, which explained why and how the water in the brine tank had started mysteriously rising between regenerations.


So I finally decided to try a new internet search for replacement or repair parts for this long-outdated Control Module. I had almost no hope of finding anything.

The first stop I made from my internet search was on your business webpage. I want to let you know how relieved and elated I was to discover your website; I decided to search no further. Below, I list the things about your business and your website that made me a customer, and a RETURNING customer if a new situation arises:

Your business not only offered a repair solution, but MULTIPLE repair solutions and parts for my old dilapidated Control Module; everything from individual parts to part sets to rebuild kits to a completely-assembled replacement unit for my old Control Module. Your plain-language online parts descriptions clearly indicate if your newer parts operate as exact or adaptable replacements for the old. Because of this, I became confident that YOUR part was the replacement part that I needed for my OLD system. I didn't feel like I had to go elsewhere or contact someone to try to understand what I was reading.

Also, your plain-language online parts descriptions clearly indicate that you are as intimately knowledgeable about the OLD part as you are the NEW part. Your familiarity with both the old and new parts - and their workings - made me feel more confident and assured about my purchase. Your Installation video served two functions: it helped me in choosing what repair route to take and what product to purchase, and it demonstrated how basic and uncomplicated the repair would be. Because I had previously watched your video before making my purchase, I did not need any further instructions at the time I made my repair. (I only referred back to your video AFTER my installation just to double-check my final step before putting the Control Module back into service.)

The replacement parts I purchased from you fit with the old unit just fine. The installation went just like your video showed it would. The leaks are gone. I no longer have to deal with the inconvenience and hassles I had with the old unit. It's literally like having a working, brand new water softener all over again.

Thanks again! And please keep up the excellent work you do! You're now in my Favorites list.

Best Regards!

Dave Kettrey Lebanon, Indiana

Andrew, I am so shocked and pleased by the service you provided I had to write. When I discovered broken parts in my water softener Friday night, I thought the timing couldn't be worse. On Saturday morning I started calling every appliance and water specialty store between here and San Francisco looking for the parts I needed. Remember that I live in Northern California only a mile from the tenth largest city in America and one of the largest, most densely populated places in the US. So how hard could it be? Of the six or so that were open, none had what I needed in stock. The largest appliance parts warehouse in the region even told me over the phone it showed on his computer in Indianapolis and could take up to 10 days to get for me.

It was so discouraging that I decided that I'd check online if I'd have to wait that long anyway. Found your web site, saw the parts in stock at nearly HALF the prices I was being quoted locally for my "special order" and ordered it from you requesting expedited shipping which was still a bargain. In just over an hour of placing the order, I received confirmation it shipped. My jaw dropped. Even with the time difference between our coasts you got it out. And today, Monday, less than 48 hours after finding your site, the parts showed up at my door. Mint condition new parts, packaged well, EXACTLY what I ordered and my softener is back in business.

I'm just a homeowner, not a plumber or water softener repair firm so you had no incentive to provide this excellent service except that's how you do business. I can't say that I ever wish for my softener to go down again, but everything does, and I've bookmarked your site and won't hesitate a moment to order whatever I need.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial, I'm pleased to see this level of customer service still exists and am grateful for your assistance.

- Bill Grimes
Saratoga, CA
February 1, 2010


I don't normally write a testimonials about a company but, you run a first class operation! I ordered the parts last Friday, they arrived on Monday. Had a question about the procedure to replace the seals on my old Fleck 2500 and my email was promptly answered late Monday.

I just got done with the job in a little over a hour, and everything seems to be working correctly.

We have two water softener companies in my town. One told me they don't service the Fleck 2500 anymore because they can't get parts. The other one quoted me $300.00 to fix the leak. I got all the parts from you for right around $100.00, including a special tool to put in some seals and spacers. I could have rented the tool from you for half price, but figured I'll keep it in case the seals ever need to be done again.

Great service, great prices, and great instructions to do the job!

Well Done !!

Roger W. Macdonald
South Lyon, Michigan

My Journey: Repairing, Rebidding and Refurbishing Fleck 5600 Econominder
This story actually starts about fifteen years ago when a neighbor tested my water and sold me a whole house water softener.About eight months ago I noticed a funny sound coming from the softener. I checked and found the timer motor was bound and felt hot to the touch so I unplugged the unit.I looked at the unit and found no name but I found a serial number . I Goggled the serial number and your web site popped up along with a picture of the timer motor and the name of the brand of water softener (Power Head Fleck 5600 Econominder) I read your section on service hints ordered a timer motor and a meter valve and replaced the two items.

After a couple of months I noticed after the softener regenerated I would find charcoal in my toilet the morning after. I read your web site on general service hints for Fleck 5600. I decided it was time to replace the main & brine piston/seals and spacers & resin. I ordered all of my items from you and I got them in a couple of days. Now I'm in California. Very prompt service.

I turned off the water by way of By Pass, unplugged control valve from electric, disconnected control valve from water lines, drain line, and brine line.I then requited my daughter who held the tank as I unscrewed the control valve rolled the tank outside duping the contents in floral bed.I removed the riser and distributor there was also a top one glued to the bottom of the control valve. I mixed bleach,CLR, and dawn soap a clean toilet brush and scrubbed the inside of the tank, riser and top and bottom distributors.The top half of the tank had a brown discoloration as well as the riser and distributer. I scrubbed them until they were white.Rinsed them out & off with a water hose.I replaced the brine,and main valve.

I placed the riser & distributor in the tank. Placed duck tape over riser opening and got funnel and with my daughter's help I poured the resin in. ( I was wandering with the introduction of water does the risen swell? It looked like fine sand and gold flakes.) I brushed any excesses from the threads, used vegetable oil on top rim and reattached control valve, water line, and brine line

Turned off By Pass, manually regenerated the softener and when brine water came the line leaked a Farrell crack, Decided I would clean up injector and injector screen. Bad Ideal. Went to Home Depot picked up Farrell and gaskets replaced and except for the air Disperser put everything together so far no more leeks.I grabbed an old power shower head that I had, cleaned it up put it on I got to admit the is difference. I did not want to get out of the shower!

Andrew you restored my faith in good people still exist out there in the world. You responded to all my e-mail,all of my calls. I first felt a little intimidated by trying to tackle this project. But it was the confidence that you had in the subject that gave me the confidence that I could handle this project.

Long story short,
Thanks For Everything
Ken S. in California

Hi Andrew:
You are a one in a million. I cannot say enough nice things about you and your company. I called you Wednesday with my problem. I had to give you more information on Thursday, and the entire new softener system arrived by noon Friday. Just amazing and everything went almost perfectly. The questions I called for were answered both by email and personally by phone and you must have the patience of Job putting up with the myriad of questions.

The new digital unit I purchased was a bit wild setting it up, partially due to an error I made. You said you would call back with answers and one hour later I was totally up and running Friday evening.

I can't recommend you any higher than to say you are the best, have very fair prices and a pleasure to do business with. I am so lucky to have found you on the internet. You can be sure that anyone I hear of with water softener problems will have my highest recommendation to contact you without reservation.

Warm Regards & God Bless You

Chuck S.
New Port Richey, FL 34655

PS I love your blog.

And Don B. in Kearneysville, WV, writes:

Just wanted to thank you for the great service at a reasonable price. I just wish I had found you a bit earlier...

When my Sears water softener stopped working, I found that the motor was making a clicking noise and the gear was slipping. So I ordered a new motor from Sears PartsDirect. Then I started wondering why the motor failed, and started doing some additional research online, where I came across your website. You described exactly the problem I had, and recommended replacing the rotor and seals (which were pretty beat up) to help prevent damage to the new motor. I ordered the additional parts from you at a significantly lower cost and at half the shipping cost. To top it off, your shipment arrived two days before the Sears order!

All of the parts fit perfectly, and the water softener is now working. So, thanks again. It may be a long time before I need more water softener parts, but if and when it happens, I'll be ordering from you.


Only a few seconds after placing the order at your Website on the Internet I received a call from you, which helped me with details of the product. Only two days after placing the order the product arrived at my address. It fook me about 10 minutes do replace it and it is working very well. I would like to see more companies provide such a good service as you have provided me with. I am specially happy with the savings: a technician that I called to check on my filter wanted $400 to do the job. I did it for less than $200 and as I said above the equipment is working very well. Thanks and may God help your company to grow.
Miami, FL

Superior service, what else can I say, you and your company have brought out the best! Being a novice in the water system area, you answered my questions, you supplied great material and did so in a timely manner. I was able to handle my re-bedding of the carbon tank without an issue.
All I can say to anyone out there, that you will NOT in anyway be sorry that you use the softener parts web sight for your purchases they do business the old fashioned way!

Thanks Again,

Harry "G"
Massachusetts Customer

I want to thank you for your extremely fast and knowledgeable service. When I first
contacted you, you were busy on a roof, and after I told you what I was
looking for, you knew exactly what part and the part number I needed.

You shipped out the part I needed, and it arrived almost immediately. I was able to install
the part the same day and everything is working great.

Whenever I hear that someone needs a part for their water softener, I will highly recommend your service and web site.

Thank you again for your great service,

Bob S.
Ocala, FL

Thanks for getting the parts here so quickly...I was able to repair my own
water softener for $10.95 instead of the $375 that my plumber wanted to
charge me for the a time that is convenient to his schedule!
You can be sure that I'll recommend "" to friends and
family...sounds a little like a commercial doesn't it...ha ha ha
Thanks again

Robert M.
Zionsville, IN

Parts Received Quickly - Thanks

I ordered several parts online on Saturday, November 3 to refurbish my GE water softener.
I was simply amazed to receive them on Monday the fifth, especially since they had to be shipped from Florida to Michigan.
Thank you for shipping quality parts so quickly.
I'm glad that you have an appreciation for the fact that when these parts are required by homeowners, they are also dealing with an inconvenient situation.
The parts corrected the problem and I now have soft water.

Best Regards,
Steve B.
Haslett, MI

Dear Andrew,

My husband, Tom and I wanted to thank you for your valuable information and assistance in trouble shooting our water conditioner. We purchased new resin and WOW what a difference that made. Our water conditioner hadn't been working "up to snuff" for quite some time- we didn't know it until replacing the resin. You would have laughed with us. It isn't hard to do but the bag was quite heavy so my husband held it up and I squeezed the bag to get the resins going and squeezed and squeezed. Tiny little buggers to say the least. We had been noticing a drop in water pressure and off and on conditioned water for quite some time.Finally occurred to me while taking a shower that something was amiss when I used a half a bar of soap without lather and it felt like I was dragging sandpaper across my body. tee hee. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to "talk turkey" with us about what we could do. That is a rarity nowadays. If we should require parts we will be buying them from you. There is only one place in Tucson called Water Tech and they really are not very helpful. Trying to figure out the plastic spout on the bag of resins was a real challenge-still not sure how the thing was supposed to work. Moot point now. So thanks again.

Helen and Tom J.
Tucson, Arizonia

I received the part yesterday and it is exactly what I needed, I'm always leery about
ordering on-line especially cross border orders. I have passed your name
onto others in my company that would
possibly at some point require your services.

Regards, Ron.
Carleton Place, ON, Canada

Dear Andrew,

You are a wise man, and my new best friend! Thank you for your advice, it
fixed my problem! Well, almost... I still have the problem, but at least I
know what is causing it now. Valve #2 wasn't closing all the way. As soon
as I applied a little pressure to it like you suggested, I felt it snap
shut, then I saw the water in my brine tank begin to recede.

I disassemble the head unit and removed the valves: #2 and #3 look pretty
bad. The surfaces aren't smooth, and the rubber seals that the stems go
Thank you very much for your help!!

Mark S.
Belvidere, IL


Thank you for your help in providing instructions and parts for the overhaul of our 26
year old water softener. Our home is once again supplied with SOFT water and I was
able to perform the work myself (with wife's assistance). Our unit is working like new.

Best wishes,

Lou L.
Tampa, FL

Thank you for your help. Good service is so rare these days that it a
real pleasure to deal with a company that understands and values helping
their customers.

I ordered the gasket this morning and hopefully it will resolve my
problem. If not, I will order a replacement valve from you.

Thank you,
Bill B.
Coral Springs, FL

Thanks for all your help! My new Fleck 5600 Econominder went in w/o a
hitch, thanks to your step-by-step directions. The setup information you
provided me by phone on Saturday was fine, and my softener was working like
a charm within an hour after that.

Thanks again,

Terry R.
Mahomet, IL

Just thought I would let you know that I received the parts from you
today. I replaced everything you sent and manually recycled the softner
to start charging. I went down after about an hour and was relieved to
see that all the water had drained from the brine tank. So between the
injector set and the piston seals and spacers, they apparently did the
trick. Thank you so much for your help in helping me figure this problem
out. I have your email saved in my address book and your website saved
in my favorites for future reference. I am sure I will be looking you up
in the future again. Thanks again!!!

Dan S.
Muscatine, IA

Hello Andrew,
Just a note to let you know things are working good . Your help was very
much appreciated. Thank you for your assistance. I will highly recommend
your site. Wonderful to do business with you.
Jerry F.
Butler, MO

You're a peach!

Roberta R.
Webster, FL

Dear Mr. Cross,
I wish to thank you for all your assistance in helping me repair my 5600 fleck timer
on my water softener. My family is thankful as we have soft water once again. I
would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving
and a Blessed Holiday weekend. Again, Thank You very much....

Kevin P. and Family
Barstow, CA


The filters arrived today, all intact. The package cleared Canada Customs on March 10.
Then 4 days for post delivery. There was no duty charged only our local taxes
applied to the value in Canadian dollars.

I want to thank you for your prompt service and if I know of others who require filters
or parts for Microline. I will refer them to your Web Site.

Douglas M.
Mississauga, ON, Canada

a fantastic and reliable service. I live in Spain and i have spent weeks looking for the parts that I needed in the local distributors without success. After contacting with softenersparts I have obtained the parts in a few days and the softener is working again. Thanks a lot.

Juan Carlos B.
Alicante - Espaa (Spain)"

thanks so very much - and - my husband and I tried to find this part locally (CHICAGO) and had a hard time - it seems that the next time he has a ?? or a concern about our water softener, YOU will be the man to call and i DO thank you for your double-order notice!! My husband also laughed and told me to tell we are "itching" - literally and figuratively - to get that part.
Thanks again so much for your prompt attention..............Pat B.

Andrew, we sure appreciate the UPS shipping. The UPS guys are great about hiding the packages out of sight or checking if a neighbor is home. Too bad the Post Office people have lost a lot of what made them the gold standard.
Can’t wait to get soft water again- here in San Antonio it’s like having liquid gypsum or concrete pour out of our faucets! LOL!

Fyi- just an idea of what you save my family. AllPro- local Sears repair contractor for San Antonio wanted $675- yes- $675 to do a gasket, O-ring, and resin refill. God bless you- we’ll have some money now for the kids for Christmas and to donate.
I will share your site and service with everyone I know. You deserve peace, prosperity, and happiness for you and your family. You’re a good guy in this age of selfishness and profit over substance.
Bill Greehey is the chairman of our board and founder of the company I work for- look him up. Two favorite quotes of his my whole family loves:

“The best is yet to come!”

“Do the right thing for the right reasons.”

Can’t go wrong on those. Your company definitely reflects the 2nd one.
Dan Norstrom
San Antonio, TX

(Please do not hesitate to use my email as an endorsement on your website. Please DO!)

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