International Orders

Small items can be mailed to some but not to all countries - see list at bottom of this page for countries we no longer are able to Mail items.
( You will have to use a forwarding company).
We offer Shipping by First Class ( 2 - 6 weeks delivery time depending on country ), but only allowed on orders weighing less than 2 lbs.
Express Air Mail ( 7 - 14 days delivery depending on country ).
For tracking of package outside USA, you must select Express Mail option.

For a QUOTE simply place items in your "Shopping Cart", then fill out your ship to address.

* Shipments are also possible via DHL / TNT / FedEx,
but ONLY if you have your own DHL or FedEx account,
and provide us with your prepaid shipping label and commercial invoice.
See this article for more details = shipping-using-your-DHL / FedEx account

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Tax Due upon receipt.
In many countries you will be required to pay an Import or VAT duty upon delivery.
This is NOT included in the price you pay us.
It is a tax imposed and collected by your country.

Effective July 1, 2021, EU member states will collect value added tax (VAT) for all goods entering the EU.

The VAT ranges from 17% to 27% depending on the EU member state, not including any applicable duties or fees.

To determine the amount you will owe, you will need to check with your local authorities, or you might try this website,
Duty Calculator Web Link

NOTE: 8421.21 = Harmonization Code ( HS Code ) = Description: Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying water
HTS Number: 8421.21.00

* USING Your DHL / FedEx Account see:

International shipments of small parts can often be placed through a third party freight forwarding company.
An easy to use company that has helped many of our customers get faster shipping at discounted pricing is: = offering the ability to Shop US Stores have items Shipped Worldwide with MyUS,
Save up to 80% on international shipping!

Also, some of our customers have used Shipito ( ) for similar forwarding of international packages.

Methods of PAYMENT include Credit or Debit Card, Money Order, Personal/Company Check, or Western Union ( email for directions ).
Incoming wire transfers for orders over $ 2,000 can be arranged at no extra charge ( if under $ 2,000 a BankFee will be added of $ 30.00 ).
Also, we offer a place to enter Order Notes, after entering your name and address info.

The information you enter in this form is secure and encrypted to ensure complete security for all transmitted information.

INTERNATIONAL First Class Mail can often take 4 - 8 weeks to arrive.
And the customs number on the package will only show the package was shipped, and sometimes show last sorting before leaving the USA.
No other tracking is available.
This method is NOT Recommended for time sensitive orders, nor for any items that weigh over 1 pound ( and requiring shipping in a box, instead of bubbled envelope ).
The delay in arrival may be due to fact the package must go through CUSTOMS in destination country,
and / or the need for a TAX to be collected upon delivery ( most countries have some type of VAT that applies to orders above a set value ).
This was NOT included in the price you paid us. It is a tax imposed and collected by your country.
So, if your package has not arrive within 14 days of shipping, you should contact your local Postal Service about your package.
There is nothing we can do to assist from our end.
To determine the amount you will owe, you will need to check with your local authorities, or you might try this website,
Duty Calculator Web Link =

If your International package does not arrive in expected time frame, please contact us, and we may be able to assist in a low cost or no cost re-shipment ( depends on the item, country, and method of shipping selected at time of purchase ).

E-mail, [email protected]
* If you have questions about a particular order, please include your order number when contacting us ( via email, please, no phone calls ).

 *** Some Countries are not available for direct shipment due to regulations or restrictions or service quality issues.

You can arrange your own "Forwarding" and we will ship your order to any address in the USA.

LIST of Countries we can not ship ( mail ) directly to include:

UNITED KINGDOM ( England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isles of Man )










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