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Best Value - Water Softener Valve Recommendation

The HS-SMM ( mechanical metered valve ),
HD-SMM ( Digital metered valve )
aves up to 50 % in salt and uses considerably less water by automatically regenerating only when regeneration is needed.
Unnecessary regenerations are eliminated because the meter that monitors the water you use.

My personal experience with the various control valves installed on water softening systems, has proven to me that the meter controlled valve with Pistons & Seals design is more durable and easier to work on than any of the other designs out there.

The HS and HD series of valves have been in production since 2010 by Hankscraft. They have proven to us to be extremely reliable valves. I have had very good results with our units, which makes for satisfied customers and has contributed greatly to word of mouth sales.

So, if you need or want to replace your current residential valve, a metered valve is the way to go. And the Hankscraft brand with It's lower cost, yet superior design / quality make it our "go to" valve. I have personally used this Valve at my own home. If you are not planning on staying in your home, or if the property is a rental, then the standard 12-day Version ( HS-STC ) would be the next best choice.

Andrew Cross
President/Owner - Softenerparts.com

5 year parts warranty, servicemanual, and 7 days a week ( including evenings ) technical support.

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