We have ADDED a new "Shipping" Option for international shipping
 ( if you want to have shipped on your account and picked up from us ).

The Shipping option does not appear in Check Out, 
but we can "turn on" the feature if you email us your intention to have your order shipped using your DHL or FedEx account.
if you place your order using other shipping method, 
we can change the method ( and reduce your final Shipping and Handling Fee charged for the order ).

Recommned that you enter your order as a QUOTE, and we will modify shipping method,
and then you can PAID corrected invoice with a credit card.
( OR for larger amounts over $ 1,000, we do accept payments by Bank Wire Transfer,
but  for amounts under $ 1,000 there is a $ 30.00 service fee added to the order ).

You Send us your LABEL - DHL/FedEx-Handling fee

You will be charged a $ 10.00 handling fee ( only ).

* We will email you package weight and dimensions.

*Then you will need to send to us your Prepaid Shipping Label from your account with DHL or FedEx,
including commercial invoice and any documentation required to ship to your country.

Pick Up information = 
517 Paul Morris DR Unit C3
Englewood, FL 34223
ph. 941-475-4111

All shipping to be arranged by you through DHL or FedEx, 

and you would then forward all documents and shipping labels to us before Pick Up.

* We will email you the package dimensions and weight after you have placed your online order.

If you do not have a DHL or FedEx account to use,

We would recommend that you use the forwarding services of MYUS.com, and your shipping fee with us would be are minimum S & H fee but no sales tax.

They would arrange and charge you for delivery to your country.

Additional Ordering, Payment, and Shipping Information,

Reference: https://www.softenerparts.com/ordering-and-shipping-information.html

Our Location Address for Pick Up =

    517 Paul Morris DR STE C3
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone 941-475-4111
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