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# 1 FAQ = High Water in Brine Tank - Problem -Softener does not remove the water from my salt tank or overflow
My softener does not remove the water from my salt tank when it regenerates. What should I check? 1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for
Average Salt Amount Needed and Normal Water Level In Brine Tank
The amount of salt needed to properly recharge a water softener is mostly based on the amount of resins being recharged. 3/4 cu.ft. resin = 6 - 9 lbs. 1 cu.ft. resin = 8 - 10 lbs. 1.5 cu.ft resin = 1
Salt Usage In Water Softening
How much salt should my softener be using? 1. The average is 80 lbs. per month, BUT can vary depending upon the type of valve used and the quality of water being treated. 2. Metered valves w
No Salt Systems for Water Softening
I see ads for "No Salt" needed water conditioners. How do they work without using salt? 1. Many dealers will advertise a no salt water conditioner. Any brand of water conditioner can be oper
ECO - Friendly Alternative to SALT Softeners
Is there are ECO-friendly alternative to SALT softeners? *** "ECO-friendly"? Salt is "natural", and not unfriendly. Some plants like salty water, but most do not. Salt is necessary for life
Salt is Not Going Down. What could cause this problem?
My Valve appears to be operating but the Salt is Not Going Down. What could cause this problem? The salt not going down could be due to many different reasons. 1 ) Valve is not regenerating du
Salty Water Taste in the Morning
Salty water in the morning is a common problem. It occurs most commonly because the internal seals of the Valve leak highly salty water into the cold water lines during the regeneration cycle. Typ
What Brine ( Salt ) Setting Amount to Use?
Question: Does the adjustment for the salt dosage need to be adjusted based on the hardness of the water? I haven't changed it from where it was set but didn't know if I needed too. **** The am
Brine Suction problem or High Water in Salt tank with Clack WS1 Valve
If your Clack WS1 Valve does not appear to be drawing ( sucking in ) the salt water from your brine tank, then here is a list of things to check and information about Brine Suction Failure. see:
Brine Refill Problem - No water in salt tank - Autotrol
Does the tank float have to touch the bottom of the tank to signal the autotrol to put water into the brine tank * No. or is it metered after the brine is injected into the softener ( I'm wondering i
Brine Valve Replacement in Salt tank ( with Float Shut Off )
Which Brine Valve for the Salt Tank? We have several "valves" that fit in the brine tank that can be used ( all do similar function ). see: Brass 2300 Shut Off Valve and Plastic 231
Potassium Chloride - Substitute for Salt ( Sodium Chloride )
Customer asks about using Potassium Chloride in place of Salt ( sodium chloride ). I have a standard water softener with a fleck valve I was wondering if I could switch to potassium chluoride t
Salty Water Taste - New Valve Installation
NEW Valve Installation - Salty Water - Possible Causes, Include: # 1 reason is the distributor pipe is too short by a fraction of an inch, or incorrect diameter ( must be 1.05" - same as 3/4" PVC pipe
Refilling when it should Sucking Water out of Salt Tank ( Brine Rinse cycle ) Fleck Valve
When Water is coming out of the Valve during the Brine Rinse Cycle ( when suction should be drawing water out, NOT putting water in ), there are several things to check / look for as the source of the
Water Flowing to Salt Tank after replacing Brine Valve Piston Assembly Fleck part 60032
Hi , I just received a new repair kit # 56PSKIT and have installed it, however it now puts too much water into the brine tank, so much so the float in the brine tank rises and shuts it off. What have
Hard water when Autotrol Valve is working and using Salt properly - By Passing the RESIN?
Problem: ** If the Autotrol softener valve is truly operating correctly and you truly have NO Soft Water, then it would mean the water is NOT going through your RESIN. By pass points are: * # 4 valve
Brine Draw Failure in Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems, Whirlpool, Morton, Ecodyne, Ecopure and others
Causes of suction failure in order of importance and frequency: 1 ) Gasket under Nozzle Venturi is worn, cracked, or "dried out". 2 ) Seal Kit is failing at some critical area, and not sealing. Note:
Brine Refill after Autotrol 155 or 255 Repair - Purge Air from the Valve head, Brine line & Air Check
QUESTION: I just order and received an output connector for an Autotrol timer. Great service! I replaced the output connector last night and I am not sure that the brine actually was pulled out of
Iron Staining and my Water Softener seems to be working okay, Why is that?
There are several things that could cause you to still be getting staining. 1) It is critical that your system never run empty of salt. 2) It is important that the time of day be kept correct and
High Water in Brine Tank - Problems and Solutions
My softener does not remove the water from my salt tank when it regenerates. What should I check? 1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for small