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Recommendation of Fleck 5600 Econominder and Hankscraft Equivalent water softener replacement valves - Which Brand is Best?
I'm trying to decide what brand / manufacturer of water softener system is best. Who do you recommend? We like any system that uses the Fleck 5600 Econominder Valve. And these are not sold as a
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Recommendations
If you want purified drinking water , * this is our most popular Reverse Osmosis drinking water system , see: 4_Stage_Reverse_Osmosis_50_ gpd_TFC_p/homero450.htm OR our
Technetic 1000, Plus, 1100i replacement Valve Recommendation
Customer Question: Hi I have an Technetic 1100 it needs to be replaced can you tell what one would be the best to replace it with. Thanks The Valve that is closest to your Technetics is the Autotro
Autotrol 163 or 168 replacement Valve Recommendation is Performa 263 or 268
Autotrol 163 ( backwash only ) and 168 ( water softener ) Valves were last made in the year 2000. While there is no direct replacement, the Models 263 ( replace 163 ) and 268 ( replace 168 ) Performa
Culligan Valve Replacement
QUESTION: I have a Culligan Medalist outdoor water softener Serial # 48151804J23 around 3 1/2 years old plagued with problems. I want to replace the entire mechanism from the tank up. My ques
Looking for someone to Service My Water Softner ( Softener ) in my area.
I am looking for someone to service my Softener in my local area. Could you help me? ***Sorry, but we don’t have a referral network for your area. You should seek out a local “Water Treatmen
Brine Draw Failure in Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems, Whirlpool, Morton, Ecodyne, Ecopure and others
Causes of suction failure in order of importance and frequency: 1 ) Gasket under Nozzle Venturi is worn, cracked, or "dried out". 2 ) Seal Kit is failing at some critical area, and not sealing. Note:
Culligan Valve Replacement Question
QUESTION: I got a Culligan Medalist Series water softener and i want to get away from culligan. What valve would replace the one I got. ANSWER: * Sorry, none ( directly ). All true Culligan Valves a
General Ionics Valve or Tank Replacement
The General Ionics valve and tank are proprietary in design. Only a few of the parts made for "Fleck" valves are interchangeable. Many key parts of the valve ( like main piston and seal kit ) are prop
Will a Water Softener remove the iron from my water?
Yes, if the iron is still in solution ( it has not been oxidized ). How much it can remove depends on the size resin tank of your softener. The more iron in the water, the larger the resin tank needs
Iron Staining and my Water Softener seems to be working okay, Why is that?
There are several things that could cause you to still be getting staining. 1) It is critical that your system never run empty of salt. 2) It is important that the time of day be kept correct and
# 4 EMAIL QUESTIONS - Better than a PHONE call.
For the fastest assisting with troubleshooting your water softener / filter problem, we strongly encourage you to email us. Please include your brand or valve type, and a description of the problem an
How often do we need to change the RO filters and membrane?
Typical 3 Stage RO Unit. * Change the prefilter and the postfilter every 6 - 12 months is recommended. Recommendation is to change the 2 filters that are vertical every 6 - 12 months. And we
Iron Filter, Greensand, MGS, Birm and Issues including Clogged Injector
Iron Filter Frequently Asked Questions There are 3 basic types of "Iron Filters". 1 ) BIRM - This media is back washed only. No regenerant used. Requires oxygen to be in the water. Will not w
Fleck 3600 Valve Obsolete but can be Replaced
Fleck 3600 Valve Replacement Since more of the Fleck 3600 and most parts are obsolete, see: Fleck 3600 Parts Search Summary Our best recommendation is to replace the complete valve wi
Pyrolox - How To Replace / Use in Filter Tank
For reduction of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. Requires high flow rate for back washing ( very heavy media ) Requires frequent back washing ( to remove oxidized sediments ) Will not rem
Which is better or cheaper... Powdered Resin Cleaners or Res-Up Liquid?
Do you sell the acid that goes in the Res-Up Feeder? If so, what is your price per gallon? ** We currently do not "ship" the Res-Up. Most Home Depot stock in the Quart size, so check with them.
Fleck Valve - Greensand application - Purple Water After Regeneration
Question: When our fleck 2510 Greensand water filter is finished back washing, we have purple water in our lines. It is seems to be functioning properly, our sand level is normal, our brine tank i
BLFC button question 0.25 versus 0.50 gpm with Fleck
Customer Writes: I noticed that the new Injector drain assembly that I got from you guys has a smaller number that the one I have - the one that connects to the brine tank is wrong- the new one is 0.
Pressure Drop or Flow Rate reductions through a Water Softener / Filter System - Things to Consider
Pressure or Flow Rate Problems # 1 REASON is the RESINS in the water softener need to be changed. . and this is discussed at the end of this article ( and several other places on our website