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Water Flowing to Salt Tank after replacing Brine Valve Piston Assembly Fleck part 60032
Hi , I just received a new repair kit # 56PSKIT and have installed it, however it now puts too much water into the brine tank, so much so the float in the brine tank rises and shuts it off. What have
5600 Piston Assembly Types - Softener - Filter - Low Water
Piston Assembly 60102-00, 60102-10, 60102-20 What is the Difference? Technically ( see page 8 and 16-19 in Fleck 5600 service manual ); The color of the Teflon coating of the piston may be Gree
Photos 5600SE, 5600SXT, 6600, and 6700 - Which Kit or Pistons for these Electronic Timers
The Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ) use Special Valve Bodies and matching Special Main Piston Assemblies. And the 3456PSKIT will not work to rebuild the 5600SE valve ( or S
Fleck 5600 Still Getting Stuck After Replacing the Pistons and Seals Kit
CUSTOMER WRITES: I have purchased parts for my fleck 5600 system before and I am again having trouble. The timer still gets STUCK. I have rebuilt it ( new Pistons and Seals Kit ) twice and now am not
Fleck Piston 24507 - Fleck Model 5656 / 5665 UF are NOT the same as Mechanical Versions of Fleck 5600
Fleck Piston 24507 - Fleck Model 5656 / 5665 UF are NOT the same as Mechanical Versions of Fleck 5600 or SE, SXT versions We have only seen this version of the Main Piston in models sold in
Trouble Shooting Guide for the Fleck 5600 and 5600 Econominder Valve
  PROBLEM   CAUSE   CORRECTION 1.  Softener fails to regenerate. A.   B. C. Electrical service to u
STUCK Valve Fleck 5600 Rebuild Guide
Rebuilding the Fleck 5600, Stuck Valve It is very common for the main and brine pistons of the Fleck 5600 to need replacement after 5 - 10 years of use. The valve will get stuck trying
Fleck 5600 parts rebuild with or without replacing the Timer Motor
Customer Comment: Your parts rebuild kit should also contain one, 1/30th timer motor. When the piston gets stuck in the seals or is very hard to drive thru regeneration, the timer motor's internal
Tools Kit 60135-2510 for Service 1500, 2500, 2510 Seals & Spacers
My manual indicates Service Repair Kit #60135-2510 , does this include all parts and tools, and what is the cost? The PN 60135-2510 "Service Kit" is no longer available. It did NOT inclu
WaterSoft G series and ISOBAR 2092
WaterSoft G9,G10,G12, and G13 models can have a version of the Fleck 5600 or Fleck 2510 , but may also use the proprietary Isobar 2092 control Powerhead on the valve. So, please include photos when in
5600 - Manual Regenerate - Cycle Times
To regenerate the Fleck 5600 valve used on softener, without working timer motor. The following steps are involved in regeneration: Time to leave in each cycle Regen - none, valve does nothi
Brine Cam Gear Sheared and Broken Off Plastic Housing Inside
CUSTOMER WRITES: I have a Fleck 5600 Econominder valve. The brine valve gear sheared and broke off internally. The plastic that the screw goes into is broken off in the housing and it appears that
5600 - difference between metered, 12 day softener valve and Backwash ONLY
What is the difference between metered demand control and 12 day skipper wheel? * Metered.. Meter Demand Operation ** The Fleck 5600 version - 12 day works ( regenerates ) according to the "days" or
Water Right Sanitizer
Some Water Right models can resemble or actually be a version of the Fleck 5600 , Fleck 5000 / ProFlo, or Fleck 2510 , and have some parts in common. But Water Right Sanitizer uses proprietary parts
Fleck 5600 SE or SXT are NOT the same as Mechanical Versions of Fleck 5600
The Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ) use Special Power Heads. I have a Fleck 5600SXT. Do all of the Fleck 5600 parts fit this model too? * NO. The
Fleck 5600 SE or SXT are NOT Recommended over Mechanical Fleck 5600
Why we do not recommend the Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ). The SXT is electronic, and has many weaknesses... Circuit board ( replacement cost $ 150 ) Transformer (
Relieving Pressure Fleck 5600 Valve
Relieving the Pressure on your 5600 Valve and the Tank. Put valve on By Pass, or turn water off Manually put the valve in "backwash" to relief pressure HOW TO RELIEVE P
HANKSCRAFT H2O PRODUCTS and Replacement Valves
Hankscraft's Mission Our company mission is to "Deliver value through innovation, creativity and diversification". It is simple, yet it guides everything we do. Our history dates back to the
# 1 FAQ = High Water in Brine Tank - Problem -Softener does not remove the water from my salt tank or overflow
My softener does not remove the water from my salt tank when it regenerates. What should I check? 1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for
No Pressure Unless the Softener is By Passed
When do the resins in the softener tank need to be changed? 1. The average water softener will not need it's resins replaced in it's life time ( 20 + years ). 2. Water softening resins need