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Manufacturer Warranty on Valves, Timers, Control Boards, Meter Covers, and Complete Systems
Most manufacturers extended a 5 years warranty on new complete valve head ( also media tanks -- leak warranty only - not on the media inside the tank ), and on structural parts, but this really only
# 3 RETURN Policy and Procedure
Return Policy and Procedure - No RMA required. SEND RETURNS TO: RETURNS / "your order number" 752 Commerce DR Unit 12 Venice, FL, 34292-1744 90 day money back - Or exchange. Only
440iHV, 460TC, 460i Timer Assembly WARRANTY Policy of
Full warranty policy for the 440iHV, 460TC, and 460i timer assemblies. 90 days free exchange warranty We ship you a replacement (and pay postage to you) Then you return the defective one in same bo
740 and 760 Logix Timer Programming Instructions
Best place to start is the un-programmed state: Press and hold "set" ( square ) and "down" ( arrow ) buttons together for 5 seconds. Then press and hold "set" ( square ) button for 5 seconds. You will
Why is new Venturi Nozzle Assembly wet and label coming off?
Yesterday I received my order. I was happy with the speedy delivery. However, when I open the package it certainly looked like this is a used part. The paper label on the venturi nozzle assembly 718
Technetic - Series 1010 Bypass Valve
Technetic 1000 and Plus 1000i - used Series 1010 Bypass Valve. And many have / will become cracked and start leaking. The By Pass ( 1010 ) is obsolete , and no longer available from any known sou
Adding Carbon to Resin in same Tank - Not Recommended
How much of the carbon do I need to add to resin? * NONE. The small amount that some manufacturers add ( some Rainsoft and most General Ionics ( Purionics ) are two, but there are others ) does
Valve Replacements - How To Remove and Replace Valve Head on Water Softener Tank
Water Softener Valve Replacements Fleck 5600 Econominder Autotrol Series 255 Logix 760 Replacing your old control valve head can ad
Technetic 1000, Plus, 1100i replacement Valve Recommendation
Customer Question: Hi I have an Technetic 1100 it needs to be replaced can you tell what one would be the best to replace it with. Thanks The Valve that is closest to your Technetics is the Autotro
Fleck 3600 Valve Obsolete but can be Replaced
Fleck 3600 Valve Replacement Since more of the Fleck 3600 and most parts are obsolete, see: Fleck 3600 Parts Search Summary Our best recommendation is to replace the complete valve wi
Flow Plug in Nozzle Venturi housing - Number up or down? In Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems
Flow Plug in Nozzle Venturi housing - Number up or down? I have a question about the 0.3 BLFC Button used on Sears, North Star, and G.E. / Whirlpool softeners. Part # 1148800 or GE part # WS22X100
Calender Over Ride setting for 760 and 762 Logix Timer Programming
Customer Asks: I am not sure what is meant by "set calendar override" in step 5a? Could you please let me know what it means. The "over ride" number would be how many days before the timer wou
Black water into the house in the morning after it has cycled ( regenerated )
What causes Black or Brown water the morning after system washes it's self? * Black water can be oxidized hydrogen sulfide, or in severe cases, from Iron or Manganese. OR if you have CARBON in th
CUNO Uniflex Tank Replacement
Customer Writes: Want to replace a Uniflex Components D0804099 MTP 0844F tank. Also says CUNO a 3M company. Tank is leaking at the base cap. Repairable? or new tank needed? If you don't offer replace
Fleck 5600 SE or SXT are NOT Recommended over Mechanical Fleck 5600
Why we do not recommend the Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ). The SXT is electronic, and has many weaknesses... Circuit board ( replacement cost $ 150 ) Transformer (
Top Distributor Modifications - MD1203 used with Performa 263 and 268
Snap and twist in place the "upper distributor basket" to the under side of the new valve Performa ( 263 and 268 ) only works if you file off two of the notches of the 4 on the Top distributor ( MD12
Water Boss
Do you have any parts for the water boss 900? Sorry, but no. Water Boss is a proprietary system in all aspects ( all parts ). And we ca
Choosing a Resin - What is the Difference
I'm trying to decide what kind of resin to buy. I would like a quality resin but I don't know enough about the manufacturers to know if there IS a better or more efficient resin.
Basic Installation Guide for New Water Softener
Basic Water Softener Installation Guide Fleck 5600 Econominder Autotrol Series 255 Logix 760 *
Autotrol 155 or 255 - Injector Size / Color - Why BLUE is sometimes used on 8 inch tanks
Often you will find a Blue Injector ( AP28F-BB, 1032971 ) installed in an Autotrol Valve used on an 8 inch diameter tank, BECAUSE: Most valves come from manufacturer with the BLUE injector installed