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Sears Valve Body drips at INLET
Customer Writes: (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE) I have a Sears water softener. Model 625.348590 It is leaking where the supply side water inlet goes into the top valve body. Just drip drip drip all th
Fixing a Dripping Long Reach Faucet - Video
Fixing a Dripping Long Reach Faucet can be as easy as this adjustment
CTA Membrane Not Enough Water
* Customer Writes: I ordered a set of three Microline filters from you at the beginning of the year ( S1224RS CTA Membrane, S7011 Sediment Prefilter, & S7025 GAC Post Filter). I installed the
Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Leaks - How to solve them
Customer writes: My Autotrol 1550-TC unit leaks water from the control valve body. Should this be rebuilt or replaced to solved the leaking? **** Leaks are easy to fix. Either the o-rings, or flapper
Low water flow RO filters - Tank Pressure Problem
The number one reason for low water flow from a reverse osmosis system is low air pressure in the holding tank. The Problem: Low Volume and Poor Pressure Little to No air pressure will result in
Water Flowing to Salt Tank after replacing Brine Valve Piston Assembly Fleck part 60032
Hi , I just received a new repair kit # 56PSKIT and have installed it, however it now puts too much water into the brine tank, so much so the float in the brine tank rises and shuts it off. What have
Fleck 2510 Valve to Tank Adapter Leak - O-rings to replace
Common o-rings that need replacing for the valve to tank connections are 19936 ( # 7 in diagram below ) Seal_Base_Seal_Fleck_2510_p/ 3419936.htm and 18303 ( # 14 in dia
Meter Cable Length and Part Numbers for Mechanical Fleck Meter Covers / Models
Part # ---- Length ---- Models used with
Brine Draw Failure in Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems, Whirlpool, Morton, Ecodyne, Ecopure and others
Causes of suction failure in order of importance and frequency: 1 ) Gasket under Nozzle Venturi is worn, cracked, or "dried out". 2 ) Seal Kit is failing at some critical area, and not sealing. Note:
How often do we need to change the Membrane in the RO?
* Change the prefilter and the postfilter every 6 - 12 months is recommended. But not the "membrane", as it can last 2 - 5 years. How do we know when it's time to change the membrane
TDS High - Membrane New - What could be the cause?
Thanks for your message referencing your new membrane only lowering the TDS by 80%. I agree the TDS should be lower ( always at least 90% and typically we see 95% reduction ). Reference: https://www.
Meter - Leak at Cable Connection Hole on the Fleck 3/4" Meter Cover
Customer Writes: My meter assembly cover leaking water through the cable hole. Answer: If it leaks from the cable hole, then the meter cover ( cap ) must be replaced. There is no way to "fix" a leak a
How to Use Quick Connect ( or John Guest ) type Fittings - Video
How the common Water Filter systems connection 1/4" and 3/8" fittings are to be used, and how the Quick Connect fittings operate. * IF the Fitting LEAKS, then you don't have it pushed in ALL TH
By Pass - Autotrol Old Style - Leaking When Connected to New Autotrol Valve
Customer reports LEAK issue when installing Old By Pass to New Autotrol Valve. I purchased a 760 Logix Electronic 255 Metered Softener Control, and attempted to install it this weekend, (I repl
Fleck 2500 leak to drain - Reasons why valve is still leaking after replacing the Seals & Spacers ( 60021 )
Reasons why Fleck 2500 valve is still leaking after replacing the Seals & Spacers ( 60121 ). Look at the condition of the Teflon on the Main Piston ( 60900 ). see:
Fleck Valves - LEAKS out the DRAIN HOSE
LEAKS out the DRAIN HOSE: Fleck valves use pistons and internal seals to control water flow through the control valve head. When water continuously flows out the drain hose, and the unit has fini