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WaterSoft G series and ISOBAR 2092
WaterSoft G9,G10,G12, and G13 models can have a version of the Fleck 5600 or Fleck 2510 , but may also use the proprietary Isobar 2092 control Powerhead on the valve. So, please include photos when in
Water Soft WSCB-32D is Autotrol 255 460i or Fleck 5600 SE
Water Soft WSCB-32D is Autotrol 255 460i or Fleck 5600 SE Just to confirm. Our softener is WaterSoft model WSCB-32D. I was told by CSI Control, who referred me to you, that the control valve is 255 46
Tectonic Water Softener Model# CB-32D
I am trying to locate a parts list & schematics for the Tectonic Water Softener Model #CB-32D. I have called the following Tectonics and was referred to a company it had be sold to: CSI: Water
Visual Guide - Installing Rotor Disc and Seal Kit Sears Type Valve
See animation from the Morton softener site - the link is below. Their softener is another variant of the Ecowater/NorthStar/Sear/GE Smartwater type system. The animations are almost identical to the
CSI Signature Series, and Water Soft WSCB-32D
CSI has sold Various Systems that have used either Autotrol of Fleck Control Valves. Late Models used a proprietary Controller ( CSI Signature Series ) which uses the Fleck Model 5000 ( later used wi
Sears Kenmore Regeneration Cycle Process and Flow Direction
To see what the various stages ( cycles ) do on this Valve Design, Reference pages 12 and 13 ---- Also, pages 25 - 27 to see the Cycles of Regeneration.