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Technetic - Series 1010 Bypass Valve
Technetic 1000 and Plus 1000i - used Series 1010 Bypass Valve. And many have / will become cracked and start leaking. The By Pass ( 1010 ) is obsolete , and no longer available from any known sou
Technetic 1000, Plus, 1100i replacement Valve Recommendation
Customer Question: Hi I have an Technetic 1100 it needs to be replaced can you tell what one would be the best to replace it with. Thanks The Valve that is closest to your Technetics is the Autotro
Air Check - Ball seated or dropping early during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE portion on the 155 or 255 Series Valve
Can you clarify whether the air check should be seated or not during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE portion of operation? ** ONLY after sucking out the water from the salt tank, THEN it drops and "seats" t
Search for Part Number On Website - How do I?
Question: How Do I SEARCH for Part on the Website? Answer: The Product Search "box" is in the upper left hand side of our website, above the list of categories. ENTER your Part Number, Or a one, or t
Fittings Measurements Different Then Expected ( 1/4 and 3/8 fittings )
Customers confused by the "Size" of 1/4" fittings because they "Look" to be 3/8" in width. ** This is because the 1/4" female opening is 3/8" across if measured. And the 3/8" female opening would