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WaterShield ( Water Shield ) - Which filters and membrane for this RO ( Reverse Osmosis ) system?
Classic WaterSheild 3 Stage RO Unit. Recommendation is to change the 2 filters that are vertical every 6 - 12 months. And we would recommend using ( 2 ) of the CTO 2 Carbon Block for both. CTO
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Recommendations
If you want purified drinking water , * this is our most popular Reverse Osmosis drinking water system , see: 4_Stage_Reverse_Osmosis_50_ gpd_TFC_p/homero450.htm OR our
Low water flow RO filters - Tank Pressure Problem
The number one reason for low water flow from a reverse osmosis system is low air pressure in the holding tank. The Problem: Low Volume and Poor Pressure Little to No air pressure will result in
How often do we need to change the RO filters and membrane?
Typical 3 Stage RO Unit. * Change the prefilter and the postfilter every 6 - 12 months is recommended. Recommendation is to change the 2 filters that are vertical every 6 - 12 months. And we
Sodium Levels in Water when Softened
How much sodium is added to the water by the softener?" That depends on the hardness of the original water. This table shows the additional amount of sodium consumed by drinking one quart ( 4 - 8 oz
Microline Filters S7125 and S7128 are Different Size - Proprietary
Customer Writes: I have an aquapro TFC-4 RO system installed in my home. I need replacement filters ( S7125 and S7128 ) and am having a hard time locating them. I see filters labeled as for TFC-4
CTA Membrane Not Enough Water
* Customer Writes: I ordered a set of three Microline filters from you at the beginning of the year ( S1224RS CTA Membrane, S7011 Sediment Prefilter, & S7025 GAC Post Filter). I installed the
Microline CTA-14, CTA-14D Obsolete, but filters still available
* Customer Writes: I was in contact with Microline to verify my make. They sent me a manual for the CTA-14D, and also told me it (along with the filters) has been discontinued. Wonder when it was
How often do we need to change the Membrane in the RO?
* Change the prefilter and the postfilter every 6 - 12 months is recommended. But not the "membrane", as it can last 2 - 5 years. How do we know when it's time to change the membrane
Air in water after changing Filters in the RO?
* Why is there Air in water after changing Filters in the RO? Air from New Filters There will always be some air when the filters are changed. It normally takes about a gallon of water u
Microline Filters S7025X and S7028X are Glued into Sump Housing
Customer Writes: I have an older model Microline RO with model number T.F.C. -4x. It lists replacement filters S7206C-06, S7025X-01, S1227RS, and S7028X-01. I'm looking for replacements for these fil
ECO - Friendly Alternative to SALT Softeners
Is there are ECO-friendly alternative to SALT softeners? *** "ECO-friendly"? Salt is "natural", and not unfriendly. Some plants like salty water, but most do not. Salt is necessary for life
UV for Water Purification - Does it Work?
Question: I would like to know if you sell or even recommend UV light water purification. I have well water and am concerned about it. We donít drink it but use it for everything else, this seems to
Search for Part Number On Website - How do I?
Question: How Do I SEARCH for Part on the Website? Answer: The Product Search "box" is in the upper left hand side of our website, above the list of categories. ENTER your Part Number, Or a one, or t
North Star Condition Softeners and Water Filters
* We carry all the commonly used residential parts, and can special order Commercial North Star and various "Water Filters" parts. Residential Water softeners, Models: 3/4" Valve Body = NSC15ED, NSC25
Fixing a Dripping Long Reach Faucet - Video
Fixing a Dripping Long Reach Faucet can be as easy as this adjustment
How to Use Quick Connect ( or John Guest ) type Fittings - Video
How the common Water Filter systems connection 1/4" and 3/8" fittings are to be used, and how the Quick Connect fittings operate. * IF the Fitting LEAKS, then you don't have it pushed in ALL TH
TDS High - Membrane New - What could be the cause?
Thanks for your message referencing your new membrane only lowering the TDS by 80%. I agree the TDS should be lower ( always at least 90% and typically we see 95% reduction ). Reference: https://www.
Sodium in the Water Softening
Is the sodium added to softened water a problem for people to drink? Only if a person is on an extremely restrictive diet, he should drink neither hard nor softened water. Under these conditions,
Pipe Joint Compound vs. Teflon Tape: Which is Best for Sealing Pipe Threads?
I tried Teflon tape in my early years.. It never worked well on new metal fittings or fittings over 1/2" thread of any type material ( metal or PVC ). Teflon tape does work well for small plastic fit