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Autotrol 155 or 255 - How to Tell Which You Have
How do I know if I have an Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) or a model 255 Valve? The Series 155  was replaced by the Series 255 late 1995 ( early 1996 ). An easy way to tell the difference is, the
Brine Refill Problem - No water in salt tank - Autotrol
Does the tank float have to touch the bottom of the tank to signal the autotrol to put water into the brine tank * No. or is it metered after the brine is injected into the softener ( I'm wondering i
Autotrol Valve Flow Rate Problem - Either Resin in Tank or Valve Discs not Opening Enough
Question:   I have a Autotrol 155 which seems to have a low flow rate while in the service mode. This was noticed over a few days due to an electric shower which was unable to operate corr
Autotrol Valve Leaking to Drain after Replacing Valve Discs
Question: After installing new flapper valve disc set in my Autotrol Valve, I checked the function before powering up timer. The valves all seemed to work. I then turned the water flow back on and ha
Freeze Damage to Air Check Body Autotrol 255
Recent Hard Freeze and Colder than normal Winter Temperatures have caused a lot of damage to the sight glass of the Autotrol water softener model 255. So be sure to check this part if you are having
By Pass - Autotrol Old Style - How to Use
Question: How do you turn the bypass valve on / off ? What does 61F do? The old style Autotrol By Pass Valves ( 156 used on 155 valves ) operate by using a "push in" method of redirecting the flow. I
Water Soft WSCB-32D is Autotrol 255 460i or Fleck 5600 SE
Water Soft WSCB-32D is Autotrol 255 460i or Fleck 5600 SE Just to confirm. Our softener is WaterSoft model WSCB-32D. I was told by CSI Control, who referred me to you, that the control valve is 255 46
Water Soft WSCB-32D water softener = Autotrol Valve Links
To my knowledge the Water Soft units ( WSCB-32D water softener ) use the Autotrol Valve made by the GE Water Treatment / Autotrol division. The "CB" stands for Cabinet. The "32D", stands for 32,
Hard water when Autotrol Valve is working and using Salt properly - By Passing the RESIN?
Problem: ** If the Autotrol softener valve is truly operating correctly and you truly have NO Soft Water, then it would mean the water is NOT going through your RESIN. By pass points are: * # 4 valve
Autotrol Date Codes - Serial Numbers
How do I know when my Autotrol 150, 160, 155 ( 1550-TC ), 163, 168, 255, 263, or a model 268 Valve was made? Example of Newer Models The serial number is: 255189030016 This is found on a
Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Leaks - How to solve them
Customer writes: My Autotrol 1550-TC unit leaks water from the control valve body. Should this be rebuilt or replaced to solved the leaking? **** Leaks are easy to fix. Either the o-rings, or flapper
Autotrol 163 or 168 replacement Valve Recommendation is Performa 263 or 268
Autotrol 163 ( backwash only ) and 168 ( water softener ) Valves were last made in the year 2000. While there is no direct replacement, the Models 263 ( replace 163 ) and 268 ( replace 168 ) Performa
Autotrol 155 or 255 - Injector Size / Color - Why BLUE is sometimes used on 8 inch tanks
Often you will find a Blue Injector ( AP28F-BB, 1032971 ) installed in an Autotrol Valve used on an 8 inch diameter tank, BECAUSE: Most valves come from manufacturer with the BLUE injector installed
Backwash Plug Number - Autotrol How can I tell what number of backwash plug I need?
Your existing BACKWASH PLUG should have a small number on it. The number matches the diameter ( in inches ) of your resin tank. The most common is 9 ( for 9" x 48" tanks ). Thus the part number woul
Brine Refill after Autotrol 155 or 255 Repair - Purge Air from the Valve head, Brine line & Air Check
QUESTION: I just order and received an output connector for an Autotrol timer. Great service! I replaced the output connector last night and I am not sure that the brine actually was pulled out of
Setting Time of Day with the Autotrol 440 Tripper Arm Gear 99F
QUESTION: Could you please tell me how to set the timer on my unit. I just ordered AP99F tripper gear from you. Mine has a broken tooth on it. When I replace it how do I set the timing on it? I don
Air Check Autotrol Old 36F or Newer Style - How to Tell - How to Clean
How can I be sure I have the newer style air check assembly? The older 36F ( on left ) is an OBSOLETE PART > Air Check Assembly used on Autotrol 155 prior to 1993. Assembly threads on to Tank Adap
Autotrol 155 with 440 Upgrade to 740 Day timer or 760 metered demand Logix Timer - How?
The Logix Upgrade Kits ( 740 or 760 ) are not meant to be used on the older Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Bodies, but can be if you are willing to do some cutting of the new Logix Top Plate that mus
Can an Autotrol 255 valve be converted from softener use to filter ( carbon ) use?
Can an Autotrol 255 valve be converted from softener use to filter ( carbon )use? Sure.. Just cut off the # 1 cam lobes ( brine rinse and brine refill ) on your Camshaft, so the # 1 valve disc will N
Model 172 and 180 are Obsolete - Commercial Autotrol Valves and Parts
Autotrol Model 172 and Model 180 Parts, Spares, and New Valve Replacement. Both the model 172 and 180 have been obsolete for many years now, and so are most of the parts for thos