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Air in water lines after Softener Regenerates
If you notice AIR in the water lines the morning after your softener has regenerated, AND the brine water level is normal ( meaning the valve has been sucking the water out and refilling properly ), t
Brine Refill after Autotrol 155 or 255 Repair - Purge Air from the Valve head, Brine line & Air Check
QUESTION: I just order and received an output connector for an Autotrol timer. Great service! I replaced the output connector last night and I am not sure that the brine actually was pulled out of
Air Check Autotrol Old 36F or Newer Style - How to Tell - How to Clean
How can I be sure I have the newer style air check assembly? The older 36F ( on left ) is an OBSOLETE PART > Air Check Assembly used on Autotrol 155 prior to 1993. Assembly threads on to Tank Adap
Air Check inside Brine Tank can becomes Stuck or Water Logged
The Problem as related by Customer: When checking the brine tank valve assembly--even though I already took it apart and cleaned it--I also replaced all brine tubing. When I took out the brine tank
Air Check - Ball seated or dropping early during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE portion on the 155 or 255 Series Valve
Can you clarify whether the air check should be seated or not during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE portion of operation? ** ONLY after sucking out the water from the salt tank, THEN it drops and "seats" t
Air in water after changing Filters in the RO?
* Why is there Air in water after changing Filters in the RO? Air from New Filters There will always be some air when the filters are changed. It normally takes about a gallon of water u
How Long Until Water Feels Soft Again After Repair
It can take several regenerations, and the "using up" of the Hot Water to get the "feel" back. It is recommended that you manually have the system run extra regenerations and to drain the hot water
Freeze Damage to Air Check Body Autotrol 255
Recent Hard Freeze and Colder than normal Winter Temperatures have caused a lot of damage to the sight glass of the Autotrol water softener model 255. So be sure to check this part if you are having
How To Repair A Logix Controller - Replacing Back Up Capacitor on the Board
How To Repair A Logix Controller that Forgets the Time Of Day After Power Interruptions The Logix Controller is designed to retain the correct time of day for up to eight hour
An AIO Filter ( AIR INJECTION OXIDIZING FILTER SYSTEM ), when properly applied, is an efficient and cost effective system for the removal of iron and sulphur. An AIO system maintains a compressed “air
Fleck 5600 Econominder - Replacement - Repair Options
Metered valves we offer as a replacement for Fleck 5600 Econominder are: 1 ) Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Valve_Fleck_5600_Metered_ Softener_Valve_p/3405600102. htm 2
440 Timer Rebuilding / Repair / fix Guide
An obvious problem that can occur is for the timer motor to fail. The motors turn at 1 rpm, so it is quite easy to tell if it is turning. A more common problem is for one or more of the drive gears t
# 1 Shipping and Placing Order Questions: How to, When, How Long, From Where, What Methods
You must place order ONLINE and we must receive Payment before order will be processed or shipped. You can Create an Order ( or Quote ) in online CART, and send payment later, but again, nothing is pr
CANADA - Does ship to Canada
Yes. We ship to Canada all the time. Small parts under 32 ounces can be shipped by Air Mail in large bubbled envelope ( and pass through Canadian Customs with little or no delay ). Larger items that
Trouble Shooting Guide for the Fleck 5600 and 5600 Econominder Valve
  PROBLEM   CAUSE   CORRECTION 1.  Softener fails to regenerate. A.   B. C. Electrical service to u
Looking for someone to Service My Water Softner ( Softener ) in my area.
I am looking for someone to service my Softener in my local area. Could you help me? ***Sorry, but we don’t have a referral network for your area. You should seek out a local “Water Treatmen
5600 Piston Assembly Types - Softener - Filter - Low Water
Piston Assembly 60102-00, 60102-10, 60102-20 What is the Difference? Technically ( see page 8 and 16-19 in Fleck 5600 service manual ); The color of the Teflon coating of the piston may be Gree
Pump Pressure Low or Cycles OFF and ON ( Well Water )
QUESTION: The well pump cycles on and off rapidly. I changed the pressure switch, same thing. Pressure tank??? Pressure tank doesn't leak any water from air stem. * Good. If no water
Kinetico Systems are Proprietary
Kinetico systems are proprietary. Except for RESIN , and some tank sizes are available that use the same 2 1/2 x 8 NPT top opening as other brands. High Capacity Standard Mesh can be used if the Hardn
Brine Valve Replacement in Salt tank ( with Float Shut Off )
Which Brine Valve for the Salt Tank? We have several "valves" that fit in the brine tank that can be used ( all do similar function ). see: Brass 2300 Shut Off Valve and Plastic 231