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# 1 FAQ = High Water in Brine Tank - Problem -Softener does not remove the water from my salt tank or overflow
My softener does not remove the water from my salt tank when it regenerates. What should I check? 1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for
5600 - difference between metered, 12 day softener valve and Backwash ONLY
What is the difference between metered demand control and 12 day skipper wheel? * Metered.. Meter Demand Operation ** The Fleck 5600 version - 12 day works ( regenerates ) according to the "days" or
5600 - Manual Regenerate - Cycle Times
To regenerate the Fleck 5600 valve used on softener, without working timer motor. The following steps are involved in regeneration: Time to leave in each cycle Regen - none, valve does nothi
5600 Piston Assembly Types - Softener - Filter - Low Water
Piston Assembly 60102-00, 60102-10, 60102-20 What is the Difference? Technically ( see page 8 and 16-19 in Fleck 5600 service manual ); The color of the Teflon coating of the piston may be Gree
Backwash Only Valve Replacement Options
If replacing a Fleck 5600 or similar Backwash Only Valve, We recommend one of the following, Fleck 5600 in standard or "L" power head with 12 day timer, see:
BLFC button question 0.25 versus 0.50 gpm with Fleck
Customer Writes: I noticed that the new Injector drain assembly that I got from you guys has a smaller number that the one I have - the one that connects to the brine tank is wrong- the new one is 0.
Brine Cam Gear Sheared and Broken Off Plastic Housing Inside
CUSTOMER WRITES: I have a Fleck 5600 Econominder valve. The brine valve gear sheared and broke off internally. The plastic that the screw goes into is broken off in the housing and it appears that
Brine Failure on ONE Tank Only - 9000 / 9100 Twin Alternating Valve
If your system uses one the twin alternating control valves ( common models are Fleck 9000, 9100, 8500, TwinFlo 100E , and Fleck 9500 ), and the Brine Suction cycle is failing to draw up the Brine fro
Brine Refill problem with Fleck 5600
If your Fleck 5600 Valve is not refilling the water to your brine tank, then here is a list of things to check and information to review about Brine REFILL Failure. see: Brine Line Flow Control b
Brine Suction problem with Fleck 5600 or similar Hankscraft Valve
If your Fleck 5600 ( or similar Hankscraft design) Valve is not drawing ( sucking in ) the salt water from your brine tank, then here is a list of things to check and information about Brine Suction F
Continually Cycling ( Regenerating ) Problem - Fleck 9000, 9100, or 9500 Valve
PROBLEM: Fleck 9000" it started cycling continually. both tank 1 & 2, one after the other was using about 100 lbs of salt per day. * There are TWO ways this can be happening. 1 ) Y
Fleck 24 volt AC transformer - Which to Choose
Which Transformer To Purchase for 24 volt AC power source? * * We give you "choices". Fleck "official" transformer with wires,
Fleck 2500 leak to drain - Reasons why valve is still leaking after replacing the Seals & Spacers ( 60021 )
Reasons why Fleck 2500 valve is still leaking after replacing the Seals & Spacers ( 60121 ). Look at the condition of the Teflon on the Main Piston ( 60900 ). see:
Fleck 3200 timer - Brine Refill Rate Explained
CUSTOMER Asks: Pounds of salt ( water added ) for each regeneration. Reference page 4, v/vspfiles/manuals/2500_15730_ R1.pdf
Fleck 3200 timer problems - if "stalling" or not "advancing".
CUSTOMER PROBLEM: I have replaced the Main Piston and Seals Kit, but valve keeps hanging up on backwash. I need parts for Model 2500 as shown on the Fleck parts on your site The problem is the cycle
Fleck 3600 Valve Obsolete but can be Replaced
Fleck 3600 Valve Replacement Since more of the Fleck 3600 and most parts are obsolete, see: Fleck 3600 Parts Search Summary Our best recommendation is to replace the complete valve wi
Fleck 5600 - Power Head replacement - Standard in place of "L" Bracket
Customer Asks / Writes: Hi, I have a fleck 5600 Econominder "L" Series. It broke recently and I need a new unit ( just the top head unit is broken not the entire unit ). I just wa
Fleck 5600 Econominder - Replacement - Repair Options
Metered valves we offer as a replacement for Fleck 5600 Econominder are: 1 ) Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Valve_Fleck_5600_Metered_ Softener_Valve_p/3405600102. htm 2
Fleck 5600 parts rebuild with or without replacing the Timer Motor
Customer Comment: Your parts rebuild kit should also contain one, 1/30th timer motor. When the piston gets stuck in the seals or is very hard to drive thru regeneration, the timer motor's internal
Fleck 5600 Replacement Timer Motor - Life Expectancy
Customer Question: What is the average life of this timer motor? My first one lasted over 10 years, but I've gone through 2 motors in less than 5 years, and I might need another one. Why would that b