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# 1 FAQ = High Water in Brine Tank - Problem -Softener does not remove the water from my salt tank or overflow
My softener does not remove the water from my salt tank when it regenerates. What should I check? 1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for
3 ways the Backwash cycle could be "blocked" in an Autotrol system
Customer writes: There is no sound at all during the backwash cycle. * No sound tells me that there is NO water flowing to drain. First, you want to check that the Drain hose is NOT blocked. Next: Yo
440 - 460 Output Gear Repeatedly Breaking After Replacement.
------ AP21E ( older ) ------ AP1001833 ( newer ) Two things we have seen break the output connector repeatedly. 1 ) motor runs backwards ( most common on older 440, 440i timers, not 460i or 46
440 or 440i - Which Timer Assembly Do I Have - How to Tell
How can I determine which timer assembly I have, 440 or 440i ? * Look at the following photo, and diagrams. 440 on Left with face plate that is held on by 3 screws, Next to it is the 440i w
440 or 440i or 460TC - Cycles controlled by the Camshaft used
Question: "My Neutralizer timer did not have "slow rinse", but my new 460TC says it has this cycle. Is the 460TC the correct unit to replace my 440i timer?" * Yes, it is the correct Timer Replacement
440 Timer Rebuilding / Repair / fix Guide
An obvious problem that can occur is for the timer motor to fail. The motors turn at 1 rpm, so it is quite easy to tell if it is turning. A more common problem is for one or more of the drive gears t
440 Tripper Arm Gear Repeatedly Breaking After Replacement.
Why Does Tripper Arm Gear Keep Breaking Repeated failure of the Tripper Arm Gear ( and /or the # 7 gear that drives it ), is caused by the timer assembly "binding" internally. The gears get "sloppy
440 Upgrade to 760 metered demand Logix Timer - How?
There is now a Conversion "kit" for the metered Logix Valves. Metered Control Upgrade for the Autotrol 255 / 460i is this 760 Logix Kit ( AP1255006 ) with Indoor ( open face ) Cover as shown, unle
440i motor replacement guide
I bought an electric motor for my autotrol 440i. I can not figure out how to remove the motor. There is no screw in this one only a clip at the top and bottom. I can not turn it to remove it. Help!
440i Sticking in Backwash or Brine Refill
PROBLEM - Customer Writes, If I manually regerate the dial and turn it to start it will start and then it seems like it gets stuck on backwash, I left it on there for over a hour and it did not adv
460i Timer RESET if it is Regenerating EVERY NIGHT
TOTAL 460 TIMER PROGRAM RESET  1. Record your Hardness and Capacity settings 2. Disconnect power 3. Jumper both pins 'A' and 'B'  4. Reconnect power for at least 10 seconds 5. Disc
460TC or Logix 740 - Which Timer Replacement is Best?
Hello. I am helping my father purchase an Autotrol 255 Valve Module and I noticed that there are two option I can choose from. There is one that comes with the 460TC timer and one that comes wit
460TC Timer Off Set When Multiple Valves Used
When two valves are controlled by the 460TC timers, and you need them to run on different nights, You can: To "off set" the digital timer, you can leave one unplugged for 1 day. Have them SET to
740 and 760 Logix Timer Programming Instructions
Best place to start is the un-programmed state: Press and hold "set" ( square ) and "down" ( arrow ) buttons together for 5 seconds. Then press and hold "set" ( square ) button for 5 seconds. You will
940 and 960 Timer Obsolete - Replacement Options when used on 255 Valve
QUESTION: I have a Autotrol 255/960 water softener and the 960 timer has stopped working lights up all led's when initially powered on then goes completely dark. Is there a replacement timer a
Air Check - Ball seated or dropping early during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE -Autotrol 155 or 255 Series
Can you clarify whether the air check should be seated or not during the BRINE/SLOW RINSE portion of operation? ** ONLY after sucking out the water from the salt tank, THEN it drops and "seats" t
Air Check Autotrol Old 36F or Newer Style - How to Tell - How to Clean
How can I be sure I have the newer style air check assembly? The older 36F ( on left ) is an OBSOLETE PART > Air Check Assembly used on Autotrol 155 prior to 1993. Assembly threads on to Tank Adap
APK5 - 255 Upper Valve Module - Brine Suction / Brine Tank Overflow after replacing the Top part of the Valve
PROBLEM: When it goes through the cycle it doesn’t take the water from the brine tank and then it overflows when it refills, is there something I can do or is the module defective. This started a few
Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Leaks - How to solve them
Customer writes: My Autotrol 1550-TC unit leaks water from the control valve body. Should this be rebuilt or replaced to solved the leaking? **** Leaks are easy to fix. Either the o-rings, or flapper
Autotrol 155 or 255 - How to Tell Which You Have
How do I know if I have an Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) or a model 255 Valve? The Series 155  was replaced by the Series 255 late 1995 ( early 1996 ). An easy way to tell the difference is, the