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Adapt New Valve to Smaller Pipe in Tank
Question: New Valve Body has 1.05" distributor pipe opening, and my old center distributor pipe ( or "riser pipe" ) is only 13/16" O.D.. What do I do next? * 3 ways to "Adapt" valve body to 13/16"
Alternate Drain Fitting that comes with every Hankscraft Valve
Two Drain Fittings are Included with the Hankscraft Valves we ship. This extra 1/2" female threaded adapter can be used in place of the Barbed Fitting to allow you to use a 1/2" male threaded connect
Basic Installation Guide for New Water Softener
Basic Water Softener Installation Guide Fleck 5600 Econominder Autotrol Series 255 Logix 760 *
Culligan Valve Replacement
QUESTION: I have a Culligan Medalist outdoor water softener Serial # 48151804J23 around 3 1/2 years old plagued with problems. I want to replace the entire mechanism from the tank up. My ques
Culligan Valve Replacement Question
QUESTION: I got a Culligan Medalist Series water softener and i want to get away from culligan. What valve would replace the one I got. ANSWER: * Sorry, none ( directly ). All true Culligan Valves a
Elan Water Care Water Softener UE-89
Elan Water Care Water Softener UE-89 Fleck 2500 type valve,uses the same Pistons and Seals at the Fleck 2500 CUSTOMER WRITE: I have a Elan water Softener Probably about 24 years old. I see the brine
Fleck 24 volt AC transformer - Which to Choose
Which Transformer To Purchase for 24 volt AC power source? * * We give you "choices". Fleck "official" transformer with wires,
Fleck 3600 Valve Obsolete but can be Replaced
Fleck 3600 Valve Replacement Since more of the Fleck 3600 and most parts are obsolete, see: Fleck 3600 Parts Search Summary Our best recommendation is to replace the complete valve wi
Fleck 5600 Econominder - Replacement - Repair Options
Metered valves we offer as a replacement for Fleck 5600 Econominder are: 1 ) Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Valve_Fleck_5600_Metered_ Softener_Valve_p/3405600102. htm 2
Fleck 5600 SE or SXT are NOT Recommended over Mechanical Fleck 5600
Why we do not recommend the Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ). The SXT is electronic, and has many weaknesses... Circuit board ( replacement cost $ 150 ) Transformer (
General Ionics Valve or Tank Replacement
The General Ionics valve and tank are proprietary in design. Only a few of the parts made for "Fleck" valves are interchangeable. Many key parts of the valve ( like main piston and seal kit ) are prop
HANKSCRAFT H2O PRODUCTS and Replacement Valves
Hankscraft's Mission Our company mission is to "Deliver value through innovation, creativity and diversification". It is simple, yet it guides everything we do. Our history dates back to the
Kinetico Systems are Proprietary
Kinetico systems are proprietary. Except for RESIN , and some tank sizes are available that use the same 2 1/2 x 8 NPT top opening as other brands. High Capacity Standard Mesh can be used if the Hardn
MacClean CUNO Aqua Pure that used Fleck 5600 and Fleck 2500 parts
The MacClean valves and tank are proprietary in design after 2001 ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ). See: or
MacClean McClean Mac Clean Mc Clean Valve
The MacClean valves and tank are proprietary in design after 2001 ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ). See: or
MacClean Valve Head Replacement or Repair Questions - CEC 1000 type head
The MacClean valves and tank are proprietary in design after 2001 ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ). If you have the newer Uniflex Tank ( no threads ) that is proprietary. Old
Manufacturer Warranty on Valves, Timers, Control Boards, Meter Covers, and Complete Systems
Most manufacturers extended a 5 years warranty on new complete valve head ( also media tanks -- leak warranty only - not on the media inside the tank ), and on structural parts, but this really only
Pipe and Fitting Assembly Info - PVC Cement and Teflon Tape vs Pipe Thread Compound
PVC "Cement" is simple to use for "making" the Riser Pipe ( Bottom Distributor with PVC Pipe ). Any brand of "PVC Cement" ( not glue ) can be used. And when "making" the 1.05 O.D. Riser Pipe - with B
Pipe Joint Compound vs. Teflon Tape: Which is Best for Sealing Pipe Threads?
I tried Teflon tape in my early years.. It never worked well on new metal fittings or fittings over 1/2" thread of any type material ( metal or PVC ). Teflon tape does work well for small plastic fit
Sediment filter ahead of the softener - When, Why, and Which one.
QUESTION: I just ordered a Galaxy 5600M system from you today. I was wondering if I should install a sediment filter ahead of the softener? * If you are on a private well and pu