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# 4 EMAIL QUESTIONS - Better than a PHONE call.
Last Updated: 10/28/2019
For the fastest assisting with troubleshooting your water softener / filter problem,
we strongly encourage you to email us. Please include your brand or valve type, and
a description of the problem and what you have tried so far to solve it.

* Please email if you need additional product information before ordering. Emails are answered daily
( Our staff of technicians answer the emails through out the day and
late into the night ), so please send your questions.

Emailing questions works well, because we can usually provide a WRITTEN answer quickly by
referring to answers on the website. So expect to get one or more LINKS to the information you need.
These also include video guides. 95% of all inquiries are similar, and we have the
ANSWER already somewhere on the website. These thought out answers to common problems
and questions will be supplied to you by email, and you will have plenty of time to absorb the
information and then write back if you have specific questions or you require additional information.

The Second reason email is preferred, is the time factor ( much quicker - allowing us to respond to the
needs of more people in any given day ). It is easier to answer a question once in written form as
opposed to repeating the answer 3 times on the phone ( as has sometimes been the case ).

Again, we prefer you email us as oppose to phoning us,
because the volume of inquiries otherwise becomes impossible to properly manage.

* All customers are instantly given our customer support phone number with their online receipt
at the end of Check Out.
So, I encourage you to email your questions or concerns.
You'll generally be surprised how fast you get a reply.

Click Here ( or copy/paste/type this address into your email program ) to E-mail Questions,

* If you have questions about a particular order, please include your order number.

Customer comment:
If this is legitimate business you surely have a phone number and someone in customer service who could talk to us one on one.

*** We do, and it is posted on the "About Us" page.
I am sorry that you don't understand the volume of customers we are helping each day.
We can "help" 4 or 5 people via email in the time it normally takes to answer one person's questions by phone
( and it's hard to "show" things, or give you information "Links" over the phone ).
This is the only way that the 3 of us in customer service can provide service to over 100 customers per day.

Again, all common questions are addressed on the website.
So, if you tell us more about your situation,
we will be happy to answer your questions, make recommendations,
and point you to the product(s) you might need.

Please Email Questions
( )
You Will Get Answers !

After Sale Customer Support
USA = 888-828-7688
International = 941-475-4111

Please leave a detailed Voice Mail, and note we NEVER actually Answer the phone ( so repeat calling will not get you a life person ).
Phone Calls Returned with an Email ( not a call back ):
Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST ,
Saturday & Sunday Email only.
Technical phone support can be very busy at times and you may experience a delay in getting your call answered.
We encourage you to look through the website thoroughly before calling as most questions / problems can be found by Searching Our FAQ Knowledge Base.

****** Customer wrote:
I have to say it has been a far better experience dealing with you through email than I had originally expected.

You have provided excellent resources for me and it gave me far more information than I was expecting.
You have been considerate in your responses and guided me through my buying decision. Thank you.

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