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Last Updated: 06/12/2019
Can you get Culligan parts or recommend where?

* ** Sorry, but we can not provide parts or service information for Culligan systems.

Culligan systems are 100% proprietary.

Parts and Service are only available from your local authorized Culligan Dealer.

About all we can offer is the RESIN ( they call Cullex ), as it's standard High Capacity Resin such as used in all major brands of Water Softeners.

Also, it possible to re-use your current RESIN and install into a standard threaded tank ( Culligan tanks are proprietary threads ), and purchase a standard threaded valve ( again, Culligan valves use a proprietary thread size and can not be used on standard medias ),
Please Review our other FAQ Articles on Culligan,
Culligan FAQ Articles

** Tank Adapter Bushing ( to re-use your TANK with a Standard Brand of control valve ).

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