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Manufacturer Warranty on Valves, Timers, Control Boards, Meter Covers, and Complete Systems
Last Updated: 12/31/2019

Most manufacturers extended a 5 years warranty on new complete valve head ( also media tanks -- leak warranty only - not on the media inside the tank ),
and on structural parts, but this really only covers the motor, control board, turbine sensors and the meter cover ( cap ).
Nothing else could "fail" normally.
Other items, like Pistons & Seals ( Fleck and Hankscraft ), or Flapper Valve Discs ( Autotrol ), or Spacer Stack Assembly ( Clack ) might "wear out" in less than 5 years,
but not covered under warranty.
Our warranty / return policy can be found on our website.
Basically we cover 100% the first year, and 85% years 2 - 5 on warranty replacements.

Our warranty policy for the timer assemblies and control boards ( and other 5 year parts warranties ) made for Fleck, Autotrol, Hankscraft, or Clack Corporation.
90 days free exchange warranty
We ship you a replacement (and pay postage to you)
Then you return the defective one in same box (and you pay for return postage to us)
91 - 365 day exchange warranty with $ 6.60 S & H fee ( you place a new order, and then get credit for ITEM upon return ).
***Remaining years 2 - 5 = parts warranty ( year 2 - 5, has 15% handling fee plus S & H fee ).
Also applies to timers purchased from some one besides us, but still under the 5 year date of manufacturer warranty ( date code is part of the SERIAL Number on the back of the Timer Assembly ).

Return Policy and Procedure - No RMA required ( but a note explaining reason for return is required )


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    Venice, FL, 34292-1744

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