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MacClean CUNO Aqua Pure that used Fleck 5600 and Fleck 2500 parts
Last Updated: 10/03/2019
The MacClean valves and tank are proprietary in design after 2001 ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ).

Prior years used either Fleck 5600 ( RS, NS, NLS or NSM models )

55640-64 piston kit - Fleck PN 346010200
55640-65 seal kit Fleck PN 3460125
55640-66 brine valve assembly Fleck PN 3460032
These 3 above can be found in our 5600 PSKIT:

55640 - 67 brine line flow control assembly
We do not sell it as an assembly, we sell it in the 3 separate parts it is, See links below to make the assembly:

There are 3 options for BLFC Button that are different flow rates:
.50 GPM - ( Most Common one ) Used on Systems with salt setting 6 - 36 lbs

13304 distributor tube o-ring(2)

55640- 72 tank o-ring
Fleck PN = 3412281

55640 - 74 drain o-ring
Fleck PN = 3412638

55640- 75 injector o-ring(2)
Fleck PN = 3413301

55664-109 adapter coupling o-ring(12)
Fleck PN = 3413305

12231 tank o ring
Should be the Same Fleck PN 3412281

60102-52 piston assembly
55640-65 seal kit
Fleck Part Number Includes Seal Kit- 3460102-52:

60384x drain line flow assembly
This Drain Assembly is not sold as an assembly as it typically does not need to be changed,
If you need to change it, you can buy all the parts separately and build it,


Fleck 2500 ( CSM models and ABF )type valves, and most parts under the Fleck repair parts category should match up.
Check part numbers, and email us with PHOTOS, if you are not SURE about your MacClean Valve and parts identification.

MacClean MicroClean Side View

The picture of the Seal Kit in the Fleck parts list shows a short spacer (part # 10757) as part of the Seals and Spacer Kit (part # 60121), however the Spacer in the MacClean Control valve is approx 1.5 long any comments?
** Correct.. You must "re-use" their larger spacer and not the small white end spacer that comes in the 60121 kit.
That is why they call their Kit 60121-C ( proprietary version with that special wider spacer made for MacClean valves ).
We can only provide 60121, but it will give you new seals and some new spacer to complete repair of your MacClean.

And this is a partial list of models that can use the 60090 piston ( cross reference 55664-71 ) and the 60121 Seal Kit we offer ( noting we don't have the large extra spacer in our kits ).
MacClean MCA Models

And this next photo shows an older electronic version that used standard threaded tanks.
So, in this case, the valve could easily be Replaced with Fleck 5600

MacCLEAN threaded valve

Reference Only,
IS 100 Mac CLEAN ( = Fleck 6600 model ) installation video on YouTube,

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