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Alternate Drain Fitting that comes with every Hankscraft Valve
Last Updated: 09/09/2016
Two Drain Fittings are Included with the Hankscraft Valves we ship.

This extra 1/2" female threaded adapter can be used in place of the Barbed Fitting to allow you to use a 1/2" male threaded connection for running your Drain piping.
Most customers use a flexible hose on the Barbed Fitting, but in some installations, a threaded connection for running PVC pipe for the drain is needed.

That is why this "alternate" fitting ( adapter ) is included.

And while not explained in the Service / Installation Manuals,
I did find both fittings ( Barbed and alternate Female 1/2" NPT Threaded ) show in one of the diagrams ( page 6 of the HS manual ),

see diagrams below;

For more about the company, see >

Fleck 5600 and Hankscraft Equivalent Information.

Valves we offer from this company include:

Digital Metered Softener Valve Model HD-SMM

Metered Softener Valve Model HS-SMM

12 Day Timer Softener Valve Model HS-STC

Valve - 12 Day Timer Backwash only filter HS-FTC

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