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Rayne Model RXD 1000 and 1500 Valve Replacement and Repair Parts ( Fleck ).
Last Updated: 06/03/2016
I have a
Rayne RXD 1000 water softener. The
control head is cracked and leading. I need a replacement control head but don't want to use the Rayne brand.

Do you have a direct replacement?

The resin tank size is 10 x 40. Uses 1 cu ft of resin. I'm attaching several pictures and hope it will help.

The bypass valve is 1".

** Yes, I see the plastic Fleck By Pass, 60049 in your photos,

Rayne used the Fleck 5000 / Proflo valve body and Rayne's proprietary control / timer.
Same as most Rainsoft made since 2000,see:

You can replace with Fleck 5600 Valve.. and re-use the By Pass.
Very simple and "direct" replacement.


*** Also for Valve Body REPAIR, we have the parts listed under our RAINSOFT valve parts, and Fleck part numbers ( which may be different than those in the Rayne manual ).

The valve body of the Rayne & Rainsoft Amazon Gold Series is basically the Fleck 5000 or newer Pro Flow version of the Model 5000 valve.

Rayne & Rainsoft have added their own proprietary electronic timer assembly, but the Valve Body Parts, and By Pass Valve are common to other Fleck Valves ( and why we are able to offer them to you .. we can not offer the electronic controls, they are proprietary ).

The Seals and Spacers ( KIT part number 60120 ) are Fleck parts.
The Seals are pn 13242 ( quantity 5 ) and the Spacers are pn 14241 ( quantity 4 ) , and the end spacer is pn 18264.


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