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Elan Water Care Water Softener UE-89
Last Updated: 05/21/2019
Elan Water Care Water Softener UE-89

Fleck 2500 type valve,uses the same Pistons and Seals at the Fleck 2500


I have a Elan water Softener Probably about 24 years old. I see the brine valve is not working properly and leaking around the piston.
The Model no. is Elan UE-89 with a serial number of 106898.
Do you have a piston and the rings in a kit to replace this? Any suggestions or a video that shows how? thanks, Tom

** Reviewing some old photos of the Elan UE89 I got from other customers, it appears the valve uses the 60029 ( 1600 brine valve assembly ).

And the valve appears to use the Fleck 2500 / 2510 design ( very similar )

= Main Piston might be the 60090,
= Seals & Spacers, 60121,

as commonly used by many "brands" made by Fleck for various companies over the years.

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