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North Star Condition Softeners and Water Filters
Last Updated: 03/19/2019
* We carry all the commonly used residential parts, and can special order Commercial North Star and various "Water Filters" parts.
Residential Water softeners, Models: 3/4" Valve Body = NSC15ED, NSC25ED, NST25ED, NST35ED, NSC30UD, NST30UD, and larger 1" valve body = NSC30UD1, NSC40UD1, NST45UD1, NST70UD1

North Star Technical Support

Some of the parts used on the various "Filter" ( not water softener units ) are quite rare, and therefore you may not find them listed on the website.
If you "search" the part number and it does not come, then please EMAIL us the Part Number and Model, so we can quote price and delivery time ( usually 7 - 10 days lead time ).
Here is a list of some of the "Filter" units that we can order parts for:

EP-ASF1 = Automatic Sediment Filter
EPWHCW = Central Water Filtration System.
NSCCTOSSA = Chloramine, Chlorine Taste, Odor & Sediment
NSSFSSA = Sediment
NSANSSA = Neutralizer
NSTOFSSA = Taste & Odor
NSAIIF2 = Air injection Iron filter
NSAIV-10 or 12 = Air Aspirated Chemical-Free Iron Filter

Also, Reverse Osmosis System = NSRO42C4

*** PARTS DIAGRAMS and PART NUMBERS for all the Above can be found ( as of Jan. 19, 2014 ) at this LINK,

*********** For common "problems" with the Water Softeners, please review the following information and LINKS ( to additional information, diagrams, and a video ).

*** Error Code 01, 02, 03 or 04 can be the SWITCH, the wiring connection to the switch and back of circuit board,


it could be a weak motor

OR it could be "drag" on the motor because the Rotor Disc is worn

OR it could be the Seal Kit and Rotor Disc need replacing.

* It's not "cut and dry".

Any of these or a combination of these can be the reason.
see: Trouble Shooting List

An Error Code means the circuit board is not getting the "signal" from the switch ( that is riding the Cam Gear ) that it has reached the next Cycle in the proper amount of time.

The circuit board is telling the motor to turn ... sending it power, and the circuit board is programmed to wait for the next "signal" from the switch only so long before it will "sense" there is a problem.

Result is you see an Error Code.

I always recommend checking each component involved, starting with the switch.

Best case, you've got a loose connection in your wiring or the switch is bad.

Worst case, you need a new motor, rotor and seal kit.

** Wiring harness is critical, so be careful to inspect the connections to the Switch or Motor ( if it is failing to move ) as there could be a poor connection.
Problem can be corrosion of the harness or the pins on the back of the PWA ( timer ) circuit board.
This could include a "cold soldier" joint at the pins where they "attach" to the circuit board.

Below is LIST of 3/4" standard valve model PWA type - cross reference:

Below is LIST of 1" Large valve model PWA type - cross reference:

* All the items and prices can be found on our website. SEE: NORTH STAR, SEARS, GE, WHIRLPOOL

CROSS REFERENCE to Models and Brands that use similar parts ( as listed on our website ),

These parts fit in numerous water softener brands including: Whirlpool, Kenmore, EcoPure, GE, Morton, and NorthStar. Specific models listed below: Kenmore: 625.38350, 625.38300, 625.38620, 625.383060, 625.383560, 625.38300, 625.75116, 625.75126, 625.75112, 625.75113, 625.75114, 625.75122, 625.75132, 625.75222, 625.75117, 625.75115, 625.75125, 625.75127, 625.759, 625.349225, 625.38208, 625.75130, 625.75190, 625.75230, 625.75290, 625.7529, 625.75390, 625.75590, 625.38376, 625.38420, 625.38426, 625.38520, 625.75480, 625.75480 Whirlpool: WHES30, WHES33, WHELJ1, WHE-CWF, WHESLE, WHES20, WHES40, WHES42, WHES44, WHES48, WHESCS, WHESFC, WHESHC General Electric (GE): GXSF30V, GXSF40H, GXSF30H, GXSF18G, GNSH45E, GXMH31H, GXSH39E, GXSH40V, GXSH45V EcoPure: EP6225, EP6130, EP31, EP42, EPHY014, EP7130, EP7140, EPWHCW, EPHS, EP30, EP100, EP40, EP200, EP6230, EP27, EP34, TB-30, TB-15, EP6245, EP6260 Morton: M27 M30, MC30, M20, MCWF, M34, MSD39A, MSS20B, MSD20F, MSD34C, MSD30D, MSD27B, MSD45E NorthStar: NSC30UD1, NSC40UD1, NST45ED1, NST45UD1, NST70ED1, NST70UD1, NSR17CS, NSC25ED, NST30UD, NST30ED, NSC30UD, NSC15ED, NSWHCW. Miracle Water: MW-30, MW-40

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