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Whole House Carbon Filter - Which is best for city water?
Last Updated: 05/04/2014
Hi, I'm a little confused about which unit of carbon filter to purchase, I'm on city water with noticeable chlorine smell when faucet is on, no iron staining has ever been seen, 19 grain hardness of the water.
I originally thought that the Carbon Filter Whole House - 1cu. ft. IN and OUT Head would work, but then I thought maybe the Carbon Filter 1 cu.ft. with Fleck 5600 Valve Backwash Only would be better for cleaning of the carbon media. Would you only use/need the backwash unit on well water or would it be beneficial on city water also. Would it be worth the spending the extra money for the backwash unit vs.the Carbon filter whole house unit.


* The basic "In & Out" tank will work on average city water, because there is little to no sediments in the water.
IN and OUT Carbon Filter Whole House

Fleck 5600 Backwash Carbon Filter 1 Cu. Ft.

The Backwashing Carbon Filter Tank ( with Fleck 5600 valve on top ) is Required when sediments and oxidized particles on in the water ( all well water, and well water that is chlorinated before the carbon tank ). This unit can also be used on "city" water, and does provide an automatic backwash, and parallel rear connections ( IN & OUT Head comes out the opposing Sides ), and when it comes time to replace the carbon in a few years, it is much easy to do, as the Head can be By Passed ( included Steel By Pass Valve ) and simply "un-clipped" between the By Pass and the Valve Head ( the water can remain on to the house ). And the only part that would normally wear out are the "seals", and they can be changed easily ( and in-expensively ) when you change the carbon.
See the 5 Seals Set = here:

You should have an electric outlet near by, if you want the valve to auto flush once every 12 days, or you can leave unplugged, and only plug in to backwash once or twice a year.

** So, the short answer is. The Automatic Carbon Filter Tank with Fleck 5600 Valve head is "better" and "recommended", but both hold the same 1 cu.ft. Carbon, and therefore either will provide chlorine removal.

SEE: Carbon, Activated Coconut Shell 12x40 Mesh/23A800912/


How To Replace Media ( Carbon, Birm, Greensand, or Calcite ) in Filter Tank

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