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MacClean Valve Head MCA models Replacement
Last Updated: 06/18/2018
Customer Writes:

I need to replace my valve head. It is a McClean MCA1501M model. I am attaching photos of the head. Can you please let me know what replacement is needed and how much it will cost.
IF your Valve is "threaded" into an "adapter" ( which is shown Clamped to the proprietary tank ), then you could replace with the Fleck 5600 Econominder "L" designer,
sold here:

But again, it will only work if your current valve has threads, and can be unscrewed separate from the clamp on collar used on the proprietary Uniflex tank.

Now I must ask, WHY?

The valve is easily repaired, so what is the problem you are having?

See common problems and repairs:


The UNIFLEX tank is a proprietary design used in Newer MacClean, Water Factory, CUNO and Aqua-PureŽ softeners and treatment systems ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ).
And if you are lucky enough to have a valve that is using an "adapter" than you can UNSCREW your old valve - replace ( screw on ) new valve.
See Example below:

OTHERWISE, you'll need a NEW TANK ( one with threads

To purchase the Threaded Tank ( as we sell common sizes for $ 99 - $ 129 ), you'd need both a new Valve and a new Tank to use with it ( saving the Media in the tank, and re-using the Brine Tank ).
Threaded Polyglass Media / Resin Tank w/base

SEE Valve replacement guide ( and suggested Valves ):
Water Softener Valve Replacements

SEE how you Replace ( or Re-use ) the RESIN inside your old water softener tank, if replacing:
Resin Replacement Guide

Here are photos of the MacClean MCA1501M, which is basically a Fleck 5600 Econominder with "L" designer cover / power head.
Note the "collar" used to "clamp on" to proprietary Tank ( which we also can NOT provide ). But you may be able to unscrew head, if an adapter was used.
Depends on the age of the system. Older models either used threaded tanks and valves, or used adapters for threaded valves to the clamp on Uniflex tanks.
But over time, they made special valves with NO THREADS.. only the Adapter with Clamps. Those are the ones that require replacing the Valve and the Tank.

MacClean Uniflex Tank

Above is the newer Uniflex Tank ( no threads ) that is proprietary.

Below are older versions of the MacClean that used standard threaded tanks, and the same Pistons and Seals at the Fleck 2500

,MacClean MicroClean Side View
MacClean MicroClean Softener Valve Leaking

So, in this case, the valve could easily be Replaced with Fleck 5600 because the old tank is "threaded" and all "standard" valves use the same thread opening size ( called 2 1/2" x 8 NPT, and appear to be about 2 3/4" in the diameter opening ).

MacCLEAN threaded valve

Reference Only,
IS 100 Mac CLEAN ( = Fleck 6600 model ) installation video on YouTube,

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