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Fleck 5600 SE or SXT are NOT Recommended over Mechanical Fleck 5600
Last Updated: 03/16/2020

Why we do not recommend the Electronic Fleck Valves ( 5600SE, SXT, 6600, 6700, etc ).

The SXT is electronic, and has many weaknesses...
Circuit board ( replacement cost $ 150 )
Transformer ( replacement cost $ 32.00 ) can fail due to power surges or near by lightning strikes.
Micro switches ( 2 ) can fail behind the circuit board.
Meter turbine assembly is known to crack and leak ( $ 150 replacement part ).

They are difficult to program ( not user friendly ) and very difficult to trouble shoot.
To see just have "unfriendly" the programming is,

The mechanical meter of the Fleck 5600 Econominder is much simpler, and less prone to failure, easier to trouble shoot, and has been the # 1 selling residential valve in the world for almost 30 years now.
We do list most of the common SE and SXT parts.

And the 3456PSKIT rebuild kit will not work to rebuild the 5600SE or SXT valves because the Main Piston with that kit is different than the one used for the 5600SE or SXT.
However, the Seals and Spacers and the Brine Valve Piston are the same (see below).

The Main Piston in the 5600SE or SXT, can either be the Downflow with GREEN End Plug 60102-71

Or the Upflow with Oval Linkage instead of Triangle 60102-62

The Seals and Spacers Kit is the same:
Kit 60125

And the Brine Valve Piston is the same:
Assembly 60032

For other parts available for the 5600SE and 5600SXT see:
Search List 5600SE parts

Programming the SE and SXT controllers:

To see how "complicated" and unfriendly the programming is for the SE and SXT timers, we recommend you watch this video ( it's a good video, but truly shows how "cryptic" the electronics controllers are to program ).
Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Valve Programming - Installer Level Settings

Model 5800

Pentair Water introduced a new electronic valve model, 5800, 5810, 5812 a several years ago.

and then the touch screen 5800 XTR2 in 2016.

And this Dealer product features VIDEO.

Since it's the RESIN in the tank that do all the "work", these "advanced" controllers are adding many "bells & whistles" to a simple process.
Very similar to the way the basic cell phone has become complicated with "smart phone" features. Sometimes you just need to make a phone call.

Once we believe the manufacturer has gotten all the "bugs" out of the system, we may offer this valve as a more expensive alternative to the tried and true Fleck 5600 valve analog models.
And we will start stocking the many "unique" valve parts that customer will be needed once their warranty has expired.
This is how we "supported" the now Obsolete Fleck 5000, ProFlo 100, 8500, and 7000 models.
Please note, the Fleck 5600 Design came out in 1980, and remains the top-selling design for residential applications.
And the design was adopted ( and improved upon ) by Hankscraft when they entered the water treatment business.

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