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CUNO Uniflex Tank Replacement
Last Updated: 04/06/2019

Customer Writes:

Want to replace a Uniflex Components D0804099 MTP 0844F tank.
Also says CUNO a 3M company.
Tank is leaking at the base cap.
Repairable? or new tank needed?
If you don't offer replacement tank, is there another source?

** If the leak is due to the Adapter O-ring used with these proprietary clamp on tank adapters ( WE Do NOT have the Adapter or the Clamps ),
then yes, we have the o-ring that "Might" solve the problem.
I say "might" because we have seen ( received reports and photos from people who had ) a hairline crack in the TANK Lip that turned out to be the cause of the problem.
If you think you only need an O-ring, then go to this product we sell:
O-ring - Adapter Uniflex Cuno MacClean ORG-234
Item # 5 in diagram.

The UNIFLEX tank is a proprietary design used in Newer MacClean, Water Factory, CUNO and Aqua-PureŽ softeners
and treatment systems ( bought out by CUNO, which in turn was bought out by 3M ).
For a replacement tank of this design, you must go through their authorized dealer network,
and usually pay a higher price than you would for the standard threaded tanks used by most water systems.
The Manufacturer web link is:

Or direct on the 3M website

If you have this LEAK in your TANK you don't have a lot of options.

To purchase the Threaded Tank ( as we sell in that size of under $ 100 ), you'd need both a new Valve
and a new Tank to use with it ( saving the Media in the tank, and re-using the Brine Tank ).
Threaded Polyglass Media / Resin Tank w/base

**** Tank information from manufacturer received in customer email =
I reached out to the manufacturer. This is their reply:

The unit you have is one of our AWS Series water softeners which we no longer make. The flange style tank used for this unit was a proprietary product that is also no longer available.
If you want to continue to use this system, the only alternative would be to replace the media tank with a threaded 10 x 44 tank.
You would need to replace the distributor tube in the resin tank also because it will not fit in the threaded tank
and also remove the flange adapter that is screwed onto the bottom of the control valve.

I removed the adapter. Do you know what type of distributor tube I would need for a threaded 10x44 resin tank?

** A New Riser Tube can be made with our MD1236 Bottom Distributor.
This is often NECESSARY when replacing the tank, because the size of the Distributor in the Uniflex tank may be too wide to fit the tank opening of a standard 2 1/2" tank.
Always a problem if your tank has the "Cyclone" assembly inside,

SEE Valve replacement guide ( and suggested Valves ):
Water Softener Valve Replacements

SEE how you Replace ( or Re-use ) the RESIN inside your old water softener tank, if replacing:
Resin Replacement Guide

Here are photos of the newer Proprietary version MacClean that we can NOT provide any parts for....
Note the "collar" used to "clamp on" to proprietary Tank ( which we also can NOT provide ).

MacClean Clamp on Valve

MacClean Valve Mechanical

MacClean Uniflex Tank

Above is the newer Uniflex Tank ( no threads ) that is proprietary.

Below are older versions of the MacClean that used standard threaded tanks, and the same Pistons and Seals at the Fleck 2500

,MacClean MicroClean Side View
MacClean MicroClean Softener Valve Leaking

So, in this case, the valve could easily be Replaced with Fleck 5600 because the old tank is "threaded"
and all "standard" valves use the same thread opening size ( called 2 1/2" x 8 NPT, and appear to be about 2 3/4" in the diameter opening ).

MacCLEAN threaded valve

Reference Only,
IS 100 Mac CLEAN ( = Fleck 6600 model ) installation video on YouTube,

04/06/2017 Update Proprietary Parts
I am looking for a part that 3M Aqua-Pure no longer carries for their purification Unit Model# MCA3001.

It has two part numbers listed for this part (Tank Adapter Coupling) part# 2752-2 or FA45RX.
I am hoping to find a distributer that may still have one on their shelf.

Appreciate any help.
Thank you,John

* Sorry, we don't have them either.

And this is the 3rd report this year of the proprietary company not having proprietary parts available.
And most of these units we sold through Hardware Stores.
There has never been a "Dealer Network" for these to my knowledge.

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