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Microline Filters S7025X and S7028X are Glued into Sump Housing
Last Updated: 02/12/2020
Customer Writes: I have an older model Microline RO with model number T.F.C. -4x. It lists replacement filters S7206C-06, S7025X-01, S1227RS, and S7028X-01. I'm looking for replacements for these filters and haven't found the exact models. Could you tell me the updated model number?

*As shown in the photo below, the two "X" styles are different.

The X-01 filters require a new "housing".
Your filters are the same as the non-X we sell, but the "X" filters are sealed in the housings. They can be converted with new housings or some people have ripped open the top of their housings to get out the old filters and then replace with new ( S7028 and S7025 ).
We recommend you purchase New housings.

To adapt you must replace the sump housings ( changing just the 2 filter housings, and not the middle one that holds the Membrane ) with the housing ( our PN S7029-09 ).

see Microline New Sump Housing S7029-09

Photo of the sealed -X version

Seals Microline S7028X

Click to see >Microline Filters For Sale Here"

Additional cross reference of a PROPRIETARY Version that uses "SEALED" housings ( Dimensions: 9.75" x 2.5" ) we can not provide = GE Advantapure or Pro Elite RO-450 = S7225X, S1340RSX, S7228X

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