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Flow Plug in Nozzle Venturi housing - Number up or down? In Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems
Last Updated: 01/05/2020
Flow Plug in Nozzle Venturi housing - Number up or down?

I have a question about the 0.3 BLFC Button used on Sears, North Star, and G.E. / Whirlpool softeners. Part # 1148800 or GE part # WS22X10021
Is there a right side up/upside down installation?
0.3 BLFC Button used on Sears, North Star, and some G.E. softeners.
Part # 1148800 or GE part # WS22X10021

* Yes, the numbers face up
( note: Numbers and Letters have no "meaning", they are just random "mold" identification, and not how you identify the flow plug ).

It will "work" either way, but with numbers up, the flow is "regulated" no matter how high or low your water pressure may be.
The center hole is slightly tapered to "regulate" the flow rate when installed in the proper direction.
It is "regulating" the flow rate INTO the Valve, and that is why the "tapered" hole is pointed down to control the flow coming from ( flowing from ) the brine area and towards the Valve and then into the Resin tank.
At 40 psi, it works the same up or down, but as the pressure is higher or lower, this "tapering" helps keep the flow rate close to 0.3 gpm.

If you have a flow plug installed in / on the Venturi Disc, the numbers will again be UP, since this flow plug is to "regulate" the flow out of the valve during brine refill cycles, and does not effect the suction ( brine rinse ) cycle.
Also, note that may models do not have nor require a flow plug for regulating the refill cycle.
So, unless your service manual shows one in use, you do not need to worry if your venturi discs does not have a flow plug installed.
All units have one at the bottom of the nozzle venturi housing, and it is usually the 0.3 gpm flow plug ( or BLFC button, as most of the water treatment industry calls them ).

* NOTE about SIZE ( O.D. ) or Diameter of the New Fill Flow Plugs you will Receive with any Order:

When I went to perform the installation this weekend, I discovered that the .3 mm Fill Flow Plug was too small for the opening at the base of the venturi assembly. The pair shipped with my order was 1/4" diameter and it seems that with this water softener model there was 5/16" .3 mm Fill Flow Plug.
Can you help me arrange an exchange for the correct Fill Flow Plug?

ANSWER to Size / Diameter of Fill Flow Plugs
The O.D. ( outer diameter ) of the Flow Plugs from the manufacturer ( our source for these items ) is all the SAME ( the 1/4" you measured ).
What you are seeing, is your OLD ONE has SWOLLEN to a slightly larger size.Possible due to exposure to chlorine.
The replacement parts are the correct parts / size.

Additional CUSTOMER observations / concerns and Answers

What the schematics don't show on the bottom of the venturi for the Fill Flow Plug, is the receptacle opening for the plug has 4-slight nodes that the Fill Flug are supposed to 'lock in' with when it's pressed in.
The 1/4" .3 mm Fill Flow Plug DOES NOT touch the nodes or even come close to the sides of the opening.
** Yes, that is correct.. They don't touch, nor do they need to touch.
The Flow plug is used to limit the "flow" in one direct, and only "works" when flow is out ( during Filling ) and the plug is pushed "down" and flow is LIMITED to the Center Hole of the Plug.
On the removable plastic retainer ( venturi disc ), the .1 mm 1/4" Fill Flow Plug that is located there DOES fit securely in the manufactured opening.
** Yes, that is correct. It controls flow coming INTO the Valve, and that is why it must fit "snug" and does.
Are you saying they designed the .3 mm Fill Flow Plug to expand to fit the opening and not fit securely?
* No. I'm saying they don't need to fit snug at the bottom of the housing to work properly.
* And again, everything is NORMAL and the size is Correct for the new parts.
The Flow Plugs have always been the same size since first introduced back in the 1980's, and remain the same size / design to this day.

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