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Brine Cam Gear Sheared and Broken Off Plastic Housing Inside
Last Updated: 02/19/2020

I have a Fleck 5600 Econominder valve. The brine valve gear sheared and broke off internally. The plastic that the screw goes into is broken off in the housing and it appears that it does not come out of the hole?
Does this mean I need a whole new powerhead housing or is there a way to remove the old sheared off plastic and replace just the gear?
Also, curious as to why the gear sheared off to begin with. Main valve is fairly new and does not appear to stuck open.

*** Housing can fail with age, but usually it's too much pressure from the Brine Valve Piston. The valve often needs to be "rebuild" with new Main Piston, Brine Valve Piston and Seals & Spacers every few years.
Fleck 5600 Rebuild Pistons & Seals

And if "fairly" new, then just "pull" the Brine Valve Piston Assembly and check that no "Debris" is trapped in the "hole" where the Brine Piston must go down during the Regeneration process.
This breaking can happen for no other reason than the age of the housing.
Fleck started using a longer screw to attach the Brine Cam Gear to the housing, but we have not see where this has helped much.
It's just one of the "weak" points of the design ( but only occurs in less than 1% of units over 20 year average life of the Valve ).

Another possible CAUSE,
Can some times be a broken Main Gear Shaft... which causes the "alignment" to "slip" and "Jam".. thus causing the Brine Cam Gear to be "sheared" or "snapped" off of the housing.
Reference the Main Gear Shaft ( used on all "mechanical".. not "electronic" versions of the Fleck 5600 power head ),
Main Gear Shaft Replacement

Also, see the product description and video for the Brine Cam Gear it's self,
Brine Cam Gear Description

And your head can be "repaired" with new plastic housing ( standard housing - box shaped, is same for 12 day or metered Econominder versions ),
Standard Empty Housing


it comes in two versions of "L" designer,
12 day version,
Housing, "L", 12 Day


the metered Econominder version "L",
Housing, "L", Metered

* NOTE: If you "Repair" with new housing, there will be ONE ALIGNMENT required of the rear gears.
Between the Brine Cam Gear and the Main Piston Assembly.

Main Gear Shaft Replacement

And it's much easier to replace the Entire Power Head ( gear box and motor assembled ) for a little more money.
Power Head 12 Day

Power Head Metered

and the "L" design housing, that is only different because of the Cover used, and not any functional difference between it and the "standard" box power head design.
Power Head, "L", 12 Day
Power Head, "L", Metered

** Also, available in 24 volt versions, but 120 volt can always be used ( most common ), when electric outlet near by.

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