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Brine Tank Replacement - Culligan 18 x 40
Last Updated: 12/17/2015

Do you have a brine tank that I can purchase to replace a Culligan brine tank?
The tank is a 18" x 40" and I wanted to be sure that it will work with the rest of the system.

We sell an 18 x 40, but it's not the same as the Culligan brine tanks.
The Culligan brine tanks are molded to include a place to screw ( attach ) the Brine Well to the side wall, and it's a proprietary "feature" of their tanks.
So, a "standard" round brine tank would require some "modification", but could be used as a replacement to hold your salt.
The Brine Well would have to be attached by drilling into the side ( near the top ) and some "tie wraps" used to hold the Brine Well in place.
And this is assuming you use the Brine Well and the Brine Pick Up Float Assembly from your old Culligan brine tank.
Also, your old "brine grid" at the bottom is not going to fit "securely", but can be used at the bottom of the tank ( if it's not falling apart already ).
Note: Brine Grids are "optional" equipment, and not "required" or "included" with most Brine Tanks.
Brine Tank 18 x 40 empty

Follow up question, Customer asks:
If I purchase the tank with the float assembly installed in your tank I will not have to make any modifications?

NO, you can't do that.
The Complete 18 x 40 Brine Tank ( with Float Assembly installed ) will NOT connect to your Culligan brine tubing The "standard" is 3/8" O.D. brine tubing, and Culligan uses a slightly smaller size tubing ( but it's not 1/4" O.D. either .. it's a size that seems proprietary, as we can't get tubing like it ).

Culligan systems are 100% proprietary.

Other Parts and Service are only available from your local authorized Culligan Dealer.

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