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Kinetico Systems are Proprietary
Last Updated: 02/09/2020
Kinetico systems are proprietary.
Except for RESIN, and some tank sizes are available that use the same 2 1/2 x 8 NPT top opening as other brands.
High Capacity Standard Mesh can be used if the Hardness is less than 20 grains per gallon, or the resin amount per tank is 1 cu.ft. or more.
Fine Mesh Resin is typically used for smaller tanks ( less than 0.7 cu.ft. per tank ) or if hardness is higher than 20 gpg.

See > Standard Mesh

See > Fine Mesh

And since the tanks use industry standard thread openings, it's possible to install a Fleck 5600 on one tank, or use the Fleck 9100 for twin tank operation.

All other parts would have to be purchased from your local Kinetico Dealer.
We can not provide any parts or repair information for their Valve.

Kinetico Home Water Systems
10845 Kinsman Road, Newbury, Ohio 44065 Ph. 800-944-9283

Common Models = 2030s 2040s OD 2060s OD 2100s 2100s OD 2175s 4040s OD 4060s OD
30s = 0.47 cu.ft. resin
40s = 0.4 cu.ft. resin
60s=0.7 cu.ft. resin
100s=1.5 cu.ft. resin
175s=2.25 cu.ft. resin
PER TANK, so you need double the amount to refill both Resin tanks.

Stack tanks ( QUAD ) typically use carbon in the top tank and resin in the bottom.
4040s = 0.4 cu.ft. carbon
4060s = 0.25 cu.ft. carbon
and in this system, No Gravel required.

Basic trouble shooting videos are starting to appear on YouTube ( surprising that Kinetico has not forced them to be removed ), and here are two of the best to help you understand operation and take a part your Kinetico Valve,


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