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Star Water Systems
Last Updated: 01/18/2018
I have an older Star Water Systems Water softener, and on the electronic control box on the Control Valve, it says it is a model # S11FS32DR6. Can you tell me which valve is a direct replacement, so I can reuse the bypass valve?

*** I need more to work with.
STAR used both Fleck and Autotrol valves for their units,
Identify Brand of Control Valve
Autotrol 255 with 460i
Fleck 5600 SE Valve

Valve Replacement Guide
Recommended replacement ( if your current valve is the 5600SE ), and yes your By pass would fit this version of the 5600.
Fleck 5600 Econominder

IF your Valve is the Fleck model 5600 SE with Fleck's plastic by pass ( 60049 ) and yoke.

All standard design and parts.

The Tank is standard opening ( standard 2 1/2" x 8 NPT opening looks like 2 3/4" ).

*REPAIR PARTS for Fleck Version of the system:

And if you ever need parts for your valve, they would be listed under Fleck 5600 parts, or some items are "special" for the SE ( simple electronics ) version, and would be best "Searched" using the term "5600SE" in the product search box.



SEE: TIMER CIRCUIT BOARD SE FLECK 60652 or 42099 or 40283

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