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Continually Cycling ( Regenerating ) Problem - Fleck 9000, 9100, or 9500 Valve
Last Updated: 02/18/2012
Fleck 9000" it started cycling continually.
both tank 1 & 2, one after the other
was using about 100 lbs of salt per day.
* There are TWO ways this can be happening.

1 ) You have water running some place. I had a customer with this same problem, and it turned out that a toilet in their sons "apartment" ( in back of Barn, and not part of the Main House ), we sticking open, and thus running 1 - 2 gallons per minute down the drain.... Resulting in the softener having to run a regeneration, soon after completing a full tank regeneration. They were just USING a lot of water. Meter was Counting the Water Used, and operating correctly.... trigging a new regeneration ( and using 100 lbs. of salt in a day ).

*** So.... What Gallon Setting is on your front program wheel?
9000, 9100 Program Wheel
Setting Gallons on Meter

2 ) Second possibility ( if not because the program wheel is reaching Zero Gallons and "tripping" ... starting the process ) would be the Micro Switch that is normally "open" and is only "closed" when the program wheel "pushes" from the front, causing the program wheel with the pins on the inside of the timer assembly, to "trip". What I am suggesting is that the Micro Switch is STAYING Closed, and the Timer Motor is running 24 hours a day.
Normally, the timer motor is OFF ( no power ) and only comes ON when the Micro Switch is activated by a "push" from the front ( either by the gallon wheel, or if you turned the knob a little to "activate" or "start" a regeneration manually ).

This the Micro Switch I am referring to:
Switch 15314

Part # 27,
Timer Diagram, Fleck 9000, 9100, 9500

* Switch may need to be replaced.
Or you may be able to "bend" the arm a little to "fix" the problem ( get the timer motor to stop running).
Either it is allowing power to operate the timer motor, or it is not.
The normal position ( not running ) is with the end of the "arm" of the switch is in the "hole" of the program wheel.
The other micro switch has an arm that "rides" the PINS, and it is what "tells" the Drive motor when to move, to the next "cycle".

NOTE: There are two other micro switches ( they ride the "Cam" ) and besides physically breaking, these Switches ( 10218 ) and the one next to it ( 16433 ) can be the problem if the timer completes a full cycle in about 2 minutes and starts again ( never stopping at any of the regeneration cycle positions ).

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