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Clearing Memory in Sears, GE, and NorthStar Circuit Board
Last Updated: 08/07/2011
When you have an unusually high water usage day, your softener's electronic
control will "remember" this for a long time.
In the case of the controllers commonly used in Sears, GE, and NorthStar
this could be 3 or 4 months before things would return to normal.
The problem caused by this "memory" is that the unit will be regenerating
more often than normal, because it is remembering the high usage, and
averages this into it's calculations of capacity remaining.
It "errs" on the side of caution, and ends up regenerating sooner than it
"really" needs to.

To reset this memory:
1 ) Hold "Select" button for 3 seconds, until 000 appears, then release.
2 ) Hold UP Arrow to "see" days the system has been plugged into the
electric, and release.
3 ) Hold DOWN Arrow to "see" number of times the system has regenerated
since it was first installed, and release.
4 ) Hold "Select" button for another 3 seconds to see the SR, or Model
Write this number down.
5 ) Having released the "Select" button, and recording your actual model
code, then you can use the UP or DOWN Arrow to change your Model Code.
6 ) Press "Select" one time and you will see the time of day flashing 12:00
7 ) Use the Arrow keys to move the time a few minutes, thus causing it to
"set" this new time.
8 ) Go back and do 1 - 7 again, only this time, at step 5, reset the
original model code, and at step 7, put in the correct time of day.
* NOTE: The number of regenerations since unit installed will be reset to
Zero. If you want to have this information for future referrence, be sure
write this down.

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