Fleck 3600 Valve Replacement

Fleck 3600 Model 3600 Valve
Since more of the Fleck 3600 and most parts are obsolete,
Fleck 3600 Parts Search Summary

Our best recommendation is to replace the complete valve with the Fleck 5600 ( 12 day timer or metered Econominder Timer versions ).
Fleck 5600 12 Day timer softener valve

Fleck 5600 Econominder, metered timer softener valve

And a new By Pass or Yoke would be required,
as the old one used on model 3600 valves would not work with any newer Fleck valves.

Replacing your old control valve head can add another 10 or 20 years to your current water softener. On the average well water system, the resins will last 30 - 40 years. The resin tank will last 100 years. On chlorinated "city" water resin replacement is recommended about every 10 years. The salt tank can also last many decades. Replacing the RESINS is simple if you need to ( or want to ) do this at the same time.

If this Valve is to replace an existing valve of the SAME type, then the existing By Pass or Piping Yoke will attach on to the valve.
Otherwise you will NEED either a standard Noryl plastic piping connection in either 3/4" or 1" with all valves purchased,
OR a By-Pass Option can be purchased separately.

We include at no extra charge, a new distributor kit. This is part # MD1236. It is a plastic lower screen which can be cemented ( with PVC Cement ) to a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe to construct a new distributor tube. Your old distributor could be slightly smaller than the ones now used by both Fleck and Autotrol ( old size 13/16", new size 1.05" outer diameter ).

Valve Replacement Steps

  • 1) Shut off water

  • ---- Relieve remaining pressure on the Valve / Tank by manually advancing the control valve to "Backwash" cycle, and remaining water pressure will go out the Drain Hose in less than 10 seconds.

  • 2) Disconnect old valve

  • a. Power cord

  • b. Brine tubing to salt tank

  • c. Drain hose

  • d. In & Out water lines

  • 3) Unscrew old valve ( may require two people ).

  • 4) Remove old distributor tube from the resin tank.
    ( NOTE the height of the tube relative to the top of the resin tank. You may be able to use this as a guide when constructing the new distributor tube. )

  • 5) Construct a new distributor tube using "lower basket" supplied by us and a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe ( schedule 40 or 160 will work ).
    Use PVC cement. Allow 5 minutes to "dry" before inserting into your resin tank. You will need the new tube to be equal to the top of the resin tank ( not more than 1/4" above ), if installing the Fleck 5600 or Autotrol 268 valve. If you are installing an Autotrol 255 valve, then the height should be 1/2 - 3/4" above the top of the tank.. It is helpful to "round" or "smooth" the top edges of the new PVC pipe with sand paper to make insertion into the valve easier. Put new distributor tube into resin tank.

  • 6) Snap and twist in place the "upper distributor basket" to the under side of the new valve ( supplied with your new valve ).

  • 7) Screw new valve on to resin tank.

  • 8) Attach By Pass or Piping Yoke.
    On Fleck valves, it is held in place by two metal clips and two screws. It will be a little bit "loose", but it's the o-rings that are creating the "seal" so don't be concerned about this.
    For Autotrol 255 valves you will have three o-rings and four small bolts with nuts to complete the attachment.
    The Autotrol 255 will also have a clear "air check" assembly to mount on the valve.
    Autotrol 268 and Erie valves have large nuts with Gaskets that connects to the rear of the Valve.

  • 9) Reconnect:

  • a. Water lines. NOTE the IN and OUT may be different than your old valve. ( Fleck and Autotrol use opposite connections ).

  • b. Drain line. A drain fitting is included. The fitting connection is standard 1/2" .

  • c. Brine line from salt tank. Fitting is for standard 3/8" brine line.
    Your brine pickup tube needs have an "air check" at the bottom if installing a Fleck
    or any valve except the Autotrol 255 ( the 255 is the only valve that uses an "air check" on the Valve instead of at the bottom of the Salt Tank
    ( NOTE: Be sure to use Teflon Tape or similar product ( like our Lock Leak ) on the male Threads of the Air Check ( where the female fitting must thread on to ). It is NECESSARY, or it will develop an "air" leak.).
    If you only have a "screen" with out a air check "ball" then you will need to order a new brine pick up tube ( part # FP60002 ) to prevent air being sucked into the resin tank during regeneration ( this would only happen if you were switching from the Autotrol 155, 255, or old brass body Rainsoft to a Fleck Valve or Autotrol 268, which require the Air Check in the salt tank ).

  • d. Plug in power cord.

  • 10. Turn water on.

  • 11. Start up valve:

  • a. Set time of day to current time of day. Instructions are listed on front of control and in the owners/service manual supplied with your new valve.

  • b. Set program wheel to desired regeneration interval. You can consult the manual or email us if you have questions. For Fleck metered systems, we have helpful hints SETTING METER

  • c. Turn front control to the manual regeneration position. The regeneration cycle last approximately 90 minutes.

  • 12. If your old resins have not be recharged or regenerated for more than 2 weeks, it could be beneficial to add 1 cup of bleach to the water in the salt tank. This one time treatment will clean and disinfect the resin bed. Adding 1/2 cup of bleach each time you add salt is also a good idea if you are on "well" water. You should have about 3 - 4 gallons of water in your salt tank to start. Also, make sure you have salt too! We recommend starting with no less than 80 lbs.

  • 13. After the system has finished regenerating, you can run the hot water in the bath tub until cold ( usually 10 - 15 minutes ). This will "turn over" the water in the tank with conditioned water.

  • 14. If the resin bed has not been charged for a long time, a second regeneration cycle may be needed to restore conditioned water to the home.

  • 15. Automatic regeneration will now occur at 2 a.m. at night as needed ( or as set on the program wheel or control board of a Logix Autotrol ). Try to keep the salt level above the water level in the salt tank ( normal water levels with salt included is 6 -12 inches ).

If you have questions please e-mail us.
[email protected]

5 year manufacturer parts warranty, owners/service manual,
and our 7 days a week technical support number included.

Question: New Valve Body has 1.05" distributor pipe opening, and my old center distributor pipe ( or "riser pipe" ) is only 13/16" O.D.. What do I do next? * 3 ways to "Adapt" valve body to 13/16" pipe ** There is a bushing you can purchase to adapt to your smaller O.D. pipe, SEE: TUBE BUSHING 13/16 x 1.05

** Or you can purchase the new Bottom Distributor and make a new center pipe, SEE: DISTRIBUTER -BOTTOM 1.05 O.D. PIPING ** Or for a quick adapter, you can use 2" length of 3/4" PVC pipe, which has an O.D. of 1.05" ( and you must use the common Schedule 40 to have the I.D. needed to fit tightly over your 13/16" O.D. pipe ) and glue ( PVC cement ) over the top your current 13/16" pipe, and this will become your "adapter". Remove a little water from the tank before attempting to use the PVC cement.
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