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How much of the carbon do I need to add to resin?

The small amount that some manufacturers add ( some Rainsoft and most General Ionics ( Purionics ) are two, but there are others ) does next to nothing after 3 months.
If you want to remove the chlorine in a water source, you need to use a separate carbon filter ahead of the softener.
Whole House Carbon Tank

Or on Well Water, you'd use one with a Backwashing control valve,
Carbon Filter 1 cu.ft. with Fleck 5600 Valve Backwash Only

Also, does the carbon need to be mixed in or can it be poured before or after the resin tank is filled?

* When it's added, the tank has gravel put in First, then Resin, then the Carbon... but over time the carbon gets all mixed up in the Resin, and that is why it's useless after a few months.

And normally a water softener ( residential tank 13" diameter or less ),
has ONLY Resin, NO Gravel, and NO Carbon.

Resin Replacement, When, Why, and How

Depending upon how much Carbon I need, is it possible to purchase smaller amounts of Carbon?
** We do not sell less than 1/2 cu.ft. of carbon, as we do not support the concept of "mixing" with resins.


How often should you replace the carbon in a whole house unit? My tank measures 10" x 54" and the water coming out is clear and odorless. I called one local company and they told me "never" unless there are problems or a noticeable change in the water quality and that back washing cleans the carbon. I've purchased parts from you folks before for my Autotrol systems. I am looking for an unbiased answer ?


They are on the right track, and much more honest then most companies ( most companies try to get you to do it every year whether it's necessary or not ).

The fact of the matter is, It Really Depends. What is the carbon being used for? What is it "removing" from the water? And how much of "that" is in the water ( i.e. chlorine, iron, color, hydrogen sulfide odor, etc )? And how much water is being used ( quantity or number of persons in household )?

**In best cases, the carbon can last 10 years (in cases where you did not really need the carbon in the first place).

**In worse cases ( lots of water used, and lots of iron, or chlorine, or hydrogen sulfide in the water ), every year.

Average is about 5 years.

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