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If an Autotrol Model 155 or Newer Model 255 ( since 1995 ) is not drawing the Salt Water out of the Brine tank,

What should I check?

1. Make sure all the fittings are tight. The connections at the Valve Head ( Air Check ) and at the Brine Tank ( 2 nuts of Elbow to Brine Pick Up tube ).
Also check the tubing going to the salt tank for small cracks.
Any air leak will cause the valve to not draw the water out during the regeneration cycle.
the Ball in the Air Check ( assuming your 155 or 255 still has this Chamber installed on the tank adapter )...
will DROP early ( See more on this -

2. Make sure the drain line is not clogged or restricted. This also can cause the valves normal suction to fail.
Note: "blowing through" is not how to confirm no "partial" obstruction, but would tell you if completely clogged.
Way to check Drain Hose for partial blockage:
You'd remove and look into connection at valve, and into hose for signs of "build up".
And the Best Way to TEST is by measuring the flow rate at the end of the drain hose / pipe, during the BACKWASH cycle.
8" tanks = 1.5 gpm
9" tanks = 2.0 gpm
10" tanks = 2.4 gpm

3. Check the injector ( )
injector screen ( )
for debris or clogging.
If plugged with Debris, or if noticeably cracked, it would indicate that you've found the source of the problem.
If they look good, then they should be good, and the problem is elsewhere.

4. On Autotrol valves, check that the two large main valves ( # 2 and # 3 ) are fully closed during the Brine Rinse ( Draw ) cycle. If they fail to close, it results in no suction. In fact it will result in the valve attempting to fill the salt tank during the time it should be removing the salt water. This could be caused by something near the metal "tab" blocking the "tab" from standing straight up ( closing the rubber valve underneath, inside ), OR you could have something inside preventing full closure. On older valves, this can be caused by chlorine damage to the rubber valve discs.

See the Rebuild guides on our Do It Yourself ( DIY ) Repairs page for more about the Valve Discs functions and how to replace them.

155 Rebuild
------------------------ or ----------------------- 255 Rebuild

* How to tell if you have 155 or 255 Valve Model.

5. If your Resin Tank is INSIDE the Brine Tank ( one piece "cabinet" design popular in Europe and the U.S.A. ), you may have a leak in the RESIN TANK. Try unplugging the electric, so the Valve can NOT regenerate, and see if the water level continues to Rise from one day to the next.

6. Also check for leaking of the Brine Valve, which should be closed after the Brine Refill is completed.
You can disconnect the Brine tubing at the Control Valve end to make sure the Valve is not sending any water to the Brine Tank area ( this could occur if the # 1 Valve Disc is not closed on Autotrol Valves ).

***** In Summary
-- besides obvious loose connections or clogs, the problem is either Valve Operation or Brine Pick Up tube failure.

The Easiest way to TEST if the Valve is Creating SUCTION or not is to:

1 ) Disconnect the Brine Tubing at the Valve Head ( at your Air Check ),
2 ) Put into Brine Rinse by turning knob / pointer of 440 or 460 timer ( or advance to C2, C3 for Logix controller ).
3 ) Observe if the Ball in the Aircheck DROPS or not.
* If it DROPS, you know the Valve is working, and the problem is IN the BRINE TANK ( replacing Brine Pick Up Tube assembly is usually the answer )
*** Assumes you have "PURGED" the "AIR" from the Aircheck and tubing first - see
Purging Air from 155 or 255 Valve after any Repair

****** If the ball does NOT drop, then you need to check things on the Valve end more closely.
1 ) Remove INJECTOR and check for any Debris clogging the small holes of the injector
2 ) If NOT clogged injector,
Make sure Drain is not "RESTRICTED",
By Measuring the Flow rate during the high flow of Backwash.
Use a Bucket or other container of known volume to TIME how much water comes out in ONE MINUTE.
8" tanks = 1.5 gpm
9" tanks = 2.0 gpm
10" tanks = 2.4 gpm

If LESS then you need to replace the Drain Hose and Try again.