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Test Kits for Hardness, Iron, pH, TDS and Hydrogen Sulfide for Home Use
You can also find some basic test kits ( usually just strips ) at Home Depot or Lowes.
Also, most professional Water Treatment Dealers can test your water ( usually for free ) if you schedule an in home equipment estimate.

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Hardness Drops - Test Kit Hach 5B Test Kit Hardness Drops Test Kit Hardness Drops with Iron and pH levels
Test Kit Hydrogen Sulfide levels up to 2 ppm pn 481197-20 Test Kit Hydrogen Sulfide  levels up to 5 ppm pn 2537800 Meter, TDS  range 0-9990 PPM
Refill - Hardness # 1 Buffer Solution (TK424) Refill - Hardness # 3 Titrant Solution (TK426) Refill - Hardness #2 Indicator Solution (TK425)
Sani-System Liquid Sanitizer Concentrate Water Softeners or RO Units