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Tannin Anion Resin A850 - White Resin

Tannin Macroporous Anion Resin A2950 - White Resin
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Pounds of Tannin Resin

Diameter = Pounds*:
8 lbs for 8" tank diameter $96.00
9 lbs for 9" tank diameter $108.00 [Add $12.00]
10 lbs for 10" tank diameter $ 120.00 [Add $24.00]
12 lbs for 12" tank diameter $ 144.00 [Add $48.00]
13 lbs for 13" tank diameter $ 156.00 [Add $60.00]

Tannin Acrylic Gel Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin - "White Resin", Purolite A850 ( 8 lbs. minimum )
Added to regular softening resins ( ADDED as a layer 5 - 8 inches thick ON TOP ) to remove color from Tannic Acid in your well water supply.
* And normally you would NOT need to remove any of the Resins already in the tank ( unless it's got old white resin, then 4 - 6 inches of these old Tannin resins can and should be removed first ).

8 - 13 lbs. of these "white" resins are normally required.

If your well water has a slight yellow or brown tint,
the addition of one pound per inch in diameter of your resin tank will normally make the water clear.

If your water is darker, like Ice Tea, you may need as much as two pounds per inch in diameter of your resin tank.

While we have heard of using a separate tank just for this tannin resin, we have always added this resin directly into the tank on top of the regular resins in the water softener without removing any of the regular resin.

An Upper / TOP - Distributor Screen/Basket is REQUIRED.
Would be the MD1203 "Top Distributor" for most valves made since 1997, or possibly, MD1207, or MD1206 for older valves.

The "color" or "tannins" are checked by running the water at the well for a minute or two, and then taking a sample in a white cup or bucket, or clear glass, and IMMEDIATELY observing the "color" before the iron has time to react with the air ( oxygen ).
ONLY if you have Color when water is first drawn, would you "need" the extra Tannin removal resin in with your regular softening resins.

Purolite A850 is a gel-type 1 strong base anion exchange resin with an acrylic matrix. The acrylic matrix ensures excellent removal of organic matter from a water supply in conjunction with its reversible removal upon regeneration.
Application - Organics ;Tannin Removal and Demineralization - Excellent Resistance to Fouling

tannin chart

Tank Diameter - How To Measure and Why It Matters

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