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Yesterday I received my order. I was happy with the speedy delivery. However, when I
open the package it certainly looked like this is a used part. The paper label on the venturi
nozzle assembly 7187065 is not readable. Also some water was still inside the assembly
(is that from testing the part?). When I opened the assembly the gasket has "visible channels"
which the Kenmore troubleshooting web site says is a sign of a bad gasket
See attached document - screen shot from:
( ).

Am I out of line on these questions?

* I can understand your concerns, but the product is not used, only "tested". Ecowater
( the manufacturer for all the "brands" that sell this type valve ) Tests Every Nozzle Venturi
Assembly prior to shipping to us. They come to us WET and 1/2 full of water EVERY TIME.
The result is damage to paper label. And we try to shake the water out as best we can before
shipping to you. Not much else we can do about the labels ( may be we should remove them completely? ).

*** And the "channels" form in the rubber gasket shortly after assembly. They are not a defect.
We sell hundreds of these, and they all come the way you describe. The cracked, brittle, and deep
channeling as described in the document you attached is not the same a the minor grooves in the new
rubber gasket. The older gaskets were actually pressed card board like material, and did not hold up
well. That is why ( many years ago ) they switch to the Duro 70 rubber gasket materials
( holds up much better / longer ). *** The part is NEW.